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    Banned by server with no reason (?)

    Greetings Sunwell Team, First of all I want to congratulate you for the great work and puting on a great server wich I have enjoyed a lot the past year! Now to the topic, my account was recently banned for the reason "Anticheat violation" I honestly don't understand this reason, but the thing happened like this: I was roaming in dalaran with my MS over 4000, then left my character near the arena quartermaster and I ent AFK to finish some things I had pending from my work, then I go back, try to log in and see if the lag was fixed ( I live in South America, wich makes dificult to have a good latency at some hours) and at the login screen the message appears "this account has been temporary suspended". in over 12 years playing World of Warcraft I have never used a cheat nor abused a bugg to get any advantage. could you please help me find out if my account was hacked or I was just banned by error ? Thank you very much! - Fingolfinn FH. - Tankthemdead Ang.
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