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    Druid Tranquility

    Doubtful, 11% here. When I cast it on me by myself it ticks 5 times. Surrounded in a 25 man and it ticks twice? Even if I got hit and had pushback it would have hit more than that. IDK, seems that way since I started playing this character here.
  2. Cyrin

    Druid Tranquility

    Just curious if anyone else is having issues with Druid Tranq. It's hasn't worked for me since server went live. Today on 25 KT, our OT disconnected, adds went crazy and I popped Tranq. It ticked twice. Hope you guys can fix it. Thanks!
  3. Cyrin

    LF saturday raiding guild

    We raid saturday/sunday but we're ally.
  4. Cyrin

    [NA} Bandwidth Syndicate

    I couldn't PM you but we're starting raids tomorrow 3-14. We have a solid 5 man, looking for the other 5.
  5. Cyrin

    [NA] Legends Rise is recruiting.

    Starting Naxx tomorrow 3-14. Guild members get flasks and repairs.
  6. Cyrin

    Resto / Ele shaman LF active NA guild

    We're recruiting a Resto Shaman. Just made a post on the forum.
  7. Legends Rise is a new US based guild that is currently seeking members to complete our 10 man raid group. Who are we? We're a group of friends who played retail from BC to Legion together, took a break and now we're here, 80 and wanting to raid. What are we Looking for? Below are the ideal classes/specs but all others will be considered. Shadow Priest Ret Paladin Resto Shaman Hunter or Rogue Druid Tank Raiding starts Sat/Sun 2am ST or 8PM EST. Whisper Cyrin for more info.
  8. Cyrin


    Anyone know if this drops? We've farmed hundreds of mobs with our Engineer, no Jeeves.
  9. Cyrin

    [NA] Legends Rise

    We're a group of WoW veterans who are looking to form a strong 10 man team for weekend raiding in Wrath. We're primarily a North America group around EST +/-1 hr and raids would be Sat-Sun TBD. If interested PST Cyrin, Inubus, Draxno or Kaloc.
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