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    [report ninja] Floraa

    Your name : ArthimisReported player's name : FloraaDate : 28/04/2020 19h:00Rule that was broken : Ninja Ring from ulduar25 ( XT ) Description : i won the roll then he give it to the second one, then he say " stop crying for loot" Evidence :
  2. arthimis

    Ezheals Ninja KT loot

    After killing KT 25 i get ninja by Ezheals the Raid leader and the loot master, he gived the axe to the Protwar after some bad words against me Screenshots :
  3. arthimis

    About Landro Longshot

    hello guys so i think to get the blazing Hippogryph mount we have to talk to Landro Longshot in the south of Stranglethorn Vale, so i talk to him but he didnt give me access to his special promotions so what we have do to get that Amazing Mount [Blazing Hippogryph] any tutoriel or something else ? thankx <3
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