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  1. It's certainly true that Marian is right that on Angrathar there was a thriving twink bracket at 79, and the games were, for the most part, twink v twink, with levellers being the rare exception. Those who believe that twinking is about "farming green dudes" -- as is the meme on the sunwell discord -- almost certainly have no experience of this. Angrathar was fun and competitive and - for the most part - played in the right spirit (until a certain Alliance guild decided to spoil things and the bracket began to fall apart). However, it's also true that on Frosthold there were some Alliance twinks were who abusive of their power imbalance, and really *were* "farming green dudes", and in fact afk green dudes at that, and they were doing so 50-60 (sometimes more) times a day. A certain twink rogue, who has since hilariously deleted his account, farmed almost 1000 wins in a month. 1000 wins would normally take about two years, for a dedicated player playing all the time. This is how absurd the situation was. There is no question, Marian, that if you want to point fingers at who created this situation, in which twinking is dead on Sunwell, that you can say admins made a bad decision. I certainly agree. I was making tickets and forum posts suggesting that they lower xp for losses etc. I believe this would've been a better change, and told them so. However, I was *not* surprised that they did what they did. It almost seemed inevitable, and unfortunately Alliance twinks were so short-sighted and thirsty for leveller blood that they couldn't see this too. A lot of those abusive twinks were in your guild. Ask yourself this, was it *really* necessary for the likes of Davant and Survimaster to farm levellers for as much time as they did? How did it not get boring? Couldn't you foresee what the result of that would be? Basically, I blame both Sunwell admins (who have a track record of poor decisions tbh) *and* Alliance twinks. And when the queues were separated, it was noticeable that both Dancing and Davant and many others who had farmed so many kills were not very good at all in twink v twink battlegrounds and were among the first to go missing. So that was amusing to see. All in all I respect you Marian for your dedication to trying to improve things in what seems obviously a lost cause, and you yourself played in the right spirit and didn't farm levellers abusively, and you also tried very hard in the twink v twink games when all the other Ally twinks had turned their xp back on. However, some of the blame has to be pinned on your fellow ally twinks, and you need to admit this in my opinion, and don't pretend the situation was normal before the change. It wasn't. And I was warning you the entire time. But you seemed to deny the problem outright. Anyway good luck and enjoy wherever you decide to play next.
  2. You're right. And let's also add that all of these people crying about twinks 1-shotting people were also claiming that separating the queues would "fix" the mass afking situation. It hasn't. People are still afking in droves. So the whole crying about twinks thing was an excuse to justify what people were gonna do anyway.
  3. Ajax

    Twinking 79

    So he's talking about the ally twinks that have levelled on Sunwell. There are clearly lots of them but they aren't queuing for much of the day. I will say they did queue in the evening yesterday and we had some very nice games.
  4. Ajax

    Constantly afk in BG's 70-79

    This is the situation literally every game 24/7 for the whole of the CTA. They do this whether there are twinks or no twinks on ally side. They even do it when it's horde that have the twinks and ally don't. Yet zero punishment. And the Sunwell staff wonder why 79 bracket is a shitshow. It's a shitshow because you give zero punishment for this behaviour that is going on every single game, not by one player, not by two, but by eight to ten. And when you separate twinks, it won't stop. I'm telling you that now.
  5. Then shouldn't people be raiding Ruby Sanctum? WTF?
  6. You keep going on about it being "blizzlike" to have separated queues. Well I actually played Wow during the whole of Wotlk. And for most of the expansion, and especially the *first half*, which is where we are now on Frosthold, queues were not separated, but XP was not gained in bgs. This was fantastic because there were *zero* XP leechers standing around hoping for a "fast lose". Want to make it blizzlike? Great. Turn off XP and make it blizzlike.
  7. I make premades to avoid all the afk statues. I think that's fairly reasonable. And anybody on horde who actually wants to play will do the same. As for your point that nobody will afk when queues are separate, you're just wrong. As I showed above, hordes are afking all day whether there are twinks on alliance or not. They have simply decided that a "fast loss" is the best route to 80.
  8. So for those like you blaming "twinks", take a look at scorecards such as these. https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold/19513 https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold/19515 There aren't any twinks on alliance in those teams. Horde just aren't even jumping down at start. This isn't primarily a problem of "twinks", this is a problem of horde players afking and losing on purpose. Fix the incentives that cause massive numbers of players to do this. Turn off (or at least down) the XP for losses!
  9. What all the emphasis on twinks does is take away from the shameful way horde levellers are behaving. They are deliberately throwing every game, no matter if there are twinks on alliance or not. The bg stats say 69-1 today to alliance. You're not telling me alliance has that many twinks. Fix the incentive system and punish serial afkers. They are the real issues at the moment. Long term I think you will need twinks (in other words regular players) at the 19 and 79 brackets because the sunwell population is likely to decrease and there will be far fewer levellers, since most people will be 80. Look at how few battlegrounds pop already at all but the 19 and 79 brackets. Take away twinks and in the future you will have very rare pops.
  10. Ajax

    Twinking 79

    I'm pointing out that certain twinks stomping levellers 50-60 times a day (and that isn't an exaggeration, everyone can see the pvp stats) is abusive (and these twinks know who they are, everyone does). Alliance twinks clearly abused the situation to such an extent that now we probably won't have a twink bracket on sunwell at all, This isn't about *me*. As I said before, I can premade and get my daily arena points and feel like an alliance player if I want. I am also not the person who's been making complaints often enough that Sunwell staff have felt the need to intervene. Horde levellers have done that. You know, those statues that you've been mowing down 24/7 for a month. They were actually making tickets and writing forum posts while their character was running into a tree. If we'd had balanced battlegrounds in terms of twinks, and not everyone rolled one faction at the start - *like I told people not to do* - we wouldn't have had this happen. Sure e'd have had some imbalanced battlegrounds and a lot of levellers, but it would've been on both sides, and we wouldn't have had an 87% win ratio for alliance which has caused enough furore that twinks will now be separated. Right now, most people will probably go back to bugmane. If you actually want to stay on sunwell and fight in the twink separate queues, some of you are going to have to roll horde, or again, you won't have any battleground pops, because the twink ratio is still incredibly skewed. I feel like captain obvious here. But it seems alliance twinks are too interested with feeling like a superhero than they are in having a good bracket.
  11. No doubt. They know they will lose. And yet they still queue. They queue and they afk. And they don't mind getting ground to a pulp over and over for hours and hours day after day. They do this because of perverse incentives, which need changing. These afkers are a cancer to this server. And they will continue to do it with or without twinks there because that's just what they do. People should queue and try to win. I don't think it's a big ask.
  12. This is an odd thing to say because it's not "equality" without twinks (who wants equality in an mmo anyway?). Even without twinks, there would still in all likelihood be more higher levels with better gear on one side and people with lower levels and lower gear on the other side. One side would quickly see which side had the higher levels and would decide to afk cos the XP for a quick loss is just so good. The number of totally equal balanced games at any level, be it lower brackets with twinks, lower levels without twinks, or indeed at level 80 are extremely rare. That's just the nature of WoW. And if you have a problem with that, you should find a different game to play.
  13. Maybe you're speaking for yourself and justifying the threshold at which you personally will afk. But I have witnessed lots and lots of horde players afking even in games that horde are winning. They are afking because they're allowed to and because as you said it's "win win". The only way to solve this is to make it a "lose-lose".
  14. That's not how wow players are. They don't generally look to maximize fun (as if lol). They look to maximize XP. I know it's weird, but that's how it is. So the incentives need changing.
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