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  1. nekomi15

    Nekomia ban Appeal (piootrek)

    [b]Character Name:[b] Nekomia [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] Gold Selling [b]Game Master:[/b] piootrek [b]Summary:[/b] I logged off last night shortly after raid (1130 est), tried to log on today (7est) which is when i get home from work. Banned for selling gold somehow. Hi Sunwell team, I raid consistently every wed/thurs 730-1130 est. sleep, work, come home at 7est. There is no way I was selling gold and never have. I'm not sure if I was hacked , but I can guarantee I have never sold gold in my life...to be honest I always need gold from friends. I've been reading some other appeals for people getting banned for selling gold when they have no idea as well. Please help! I have raid tonight Nekomia
  2. This is becoming a serious issue. As an NA player I average 30-40 minute BG queues at 9pm eastern. this makes it impossible to get honor for NA players especially west coast. I know for a fact, my guild/group would go horde to single handedly balance this out. as 10-15 of us try to find pvp queues all night during NA.
  3. nekomi15

    Nekomi _ ban appeal

    [b]Character Name:[b] Nekomia [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] stealing gold from friend [b]Game Master:[/b] piootrek/craft [b]Summary:[/b] Appealing for ban on my account. Played a prank on a fellow friend/guildy by stealing his gold. While he was eating dinner, i logged onto his account and stole 4k gold. and pretended that he got in trouble by exploiting users. Sorry. Nekomi EDIT: Ladil, myself, and Craft have already discussed the issue. for some reason, Ladil is unable to post a response on this thread, but he has acknowledged it and can testify.
  4. hey, hit me up on discord Nekomi#7153 , thinkw e can get a good convo going.
  5. nekomi15

    <Moisty Boys> [A][NA]

    <Moisty Boys> [A][NA] Recruiting one off tank for our first 10 man group as well as a full Group 2 Core(All Classes) including a raid lead. The guild is focused on 10 man semi-hardcore raiding with the intent to hit 25 mans as well. We intend to raid Wed/Thurs from 830est-1130est roughly. We are a tight-knit skilled group looking for more players to simply enjoy Wotlk and all of its content. We approach the game in a casual and fun manner (as per our guild name) , but have full intentions of progressing through the content fast with a competitive mindset PST me in discord (Nekomi#7153) or Nekomia in game! IF you are looking for a laid back guild that is still committed to raiding.
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