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  1. Hi, I've been lvling as a resto sham, and find it very fun to mix my adventure with rdf's and bg. Rdf is always decent exp but bg is even superior if it's a win. So as a horde player i've played like 100 BGs and like 7!!! of them were wins, but actually got win xp benefit for only 2 of them... I could say it's just bad luck but it's just too much of those. I mostly get xp for losses which is garbage and that also may be an issue on lower lvls than 70-79. As i see it for myself, when ally loses 1st flag, they leave immidietly, and countdown of 5min to close starts, and you no longer get an exp, for flags, and whole bg. I know that they are used to win 99% so they got no time to lose. But what about those who are cheereng for the 1st win in a whole week, and suddenly you get no exp at all. Not sure if there's a possibility to do some script or so, but you could check if BG started evenly 5v5 or more players, and when ppl leave after 1st cap, still grand a winner with a nice exp. I always stay in lost battle because that is mostly what i get on bg's but it really frustrates me, when u finally made it in a fair battle, but enemy is just a duche and probably knows that when there are no players, u get no exp. Please give us a way to exp on bg Cheers
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