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    Twinking 79

    I see that you still calling me for answer. So let me tell you that brother, calmly. All you are doing is a fat whore with saint logic. We play where we used to. We are determinated and waiting for opponents. If you are not interested in playing, even waiting for better times just to simply see if something move on or stabilizes at all, perhaps coming for ready playable bracket doing nothing but shaking off your snout and telling me that I am entertained playing versus lowbies - I still keep my courtesy, humanly and so on: just fuck off to another server. We are patient I guess. Regards
  2. Pazdziochmarianek

    Twinking 79

    Because I promised that I would not personally respond to anybody that is trying to slander us in that thread - I would like only to mention all potentially interested in becoming a twink on frosthold: Ally or Horde, that being a twink is first and mostly part of a wow playstyle that involve doing raids from classic zones directly to Tier 6 content , involve spending our free time together in a very horizontal context like doing duels in capitals and finally doing battlegrounds which is only one kind of entertainment there. The biggest slander said in that topic is the will to farm low levels, at the time when such as ourselves did not reach 79 yet. I am personally and currently at 71. In fact levelers farm levelers on the curious thing that Horde double in players as Alliance don't prefer to exp by battlegrounds and that is all. I cordially greet anybody and in waiting of true opponents, amazing level of our bracket like it was around 18/19 and I hope that people who have no knowledge in the field of being a twink - especially the entertainments accompanying and ways of spending game time- will disappear forever within this thread and stop saying bullshit. We are here in significant numbers and let it be a signal for those who escaped to warmane that you can still play here. There used to be like four to six 79 Guilds both factions, and we just have to wait for others to return. For that is at the moment a true meaning of Horde and in the fact partially Alliance real twinking lacks.
  3. Pazdziochmarianek

    Twinking 79

    I am amazed at how ignorant you are, my friend. You won't impress anyone here trying to be a good adviser and really you don't have to enumerate servers you used to played on. My wow adventure started for the first time almost fourteen years ago, and I have seen plenty of servers that went to their death including dexonwow and avalon (firsts decent Polish zones to play TBC on Mangos) If you - and it is essential - don't feel like playing here, please don't spoil others fun. We are enjoy past and present here and it would be fantastic if the bracket came alive soon. If not, non of us suffer. My post was to be optimistic in assumption, to encourage other to play but as we can see there always got to be someone like you, trying to discourage people from doing anything. Half the ally and half the horde are hidden on warmane, do not kid yourself. Once again, I am leaving my invitation to those who are considering to move back. We are leveling up and that is a good sign. I also won't answer you anymore brother, because it's no more but wasting my precious time.
  4. Pazdziochmarianek

    Twinking 79

    I'm glad you see the problem, but I'm afraid of misunderstanding. It is a great tactless to blame someone who founded a guild to play with the same people as before here on alliance, especially that we were the very first characters that came through the Frosthold loging gates. If anyone could be guilty at the moment, but obviously no one is - that would be those who changed their habits of the faction from H to A. Going further, if you mean 98 percent, then most reasonable to know is what's the real and total number which from percentage were given ? In my oppinion it is first still not enough value of all twinks (due to levelers gaining their 80s ofc) on the server and second the Horde has not yet returned from a server named well known to us. Another fact that some decided to start playing alliance with such enthusiasm can give expressions and maybe the feelings to that old players from the Horde who still sticks away from Sunwell and to make their come back decisions. Personally I have not seen as many old players as you, most of them are just levelers or hide well on their new nicknames. Finally if something is huge it is easy to divide on portions. If something is small it is not. More the twinks willing to play this realm makes opportunity to open transfers in future like administration did actually and so on. The most certain is no one enjoys to play against greens but a proportional configuration teams. Realm is still fresh as hell and please bear this in mind.
  5. Pazdziochmarianek

    Twinking 79

    If you would be kind to notice, I invite both factions to play together, ally and horde - especially - if they had the chance to get interested in Frosthold and come back here once again from other servers. That is the main thread. It's only been two weeks since the start and I believe that not all potentially interested people have returned to playing ( Horde mostly ). Perhaps it will take time restoring the balance, but we have nothing more to wait. As a guild, we are reactivating as a new group of alliance friends, where we used to play before and just encourage others to spend time together doing raids and some pvps. Regards
  6. Pazdziochmarianek

    Twinking 79

    I am highly inviting you to twink together here on Frosthold and perhaps Angrathar crossrealm on the day it will appear. By now we are slowly gaining levels and farming our new twinks in a free time. <First Blood> 79 Guild invites everyone that is willing to play in by the Alliance side and to play with for our Horde adversaries.
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