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    Dear Sunwell, I am pleased to reveal your next weakness. The function of uploading the cover or the profile image in your wonderful forum does not work. It is not possible to select a photo by drag and drop or from the list manually. For the profile, only the additional URL link works while nothing can be done for the cover. We checked it on three browsers. You'd better fix it.
  2. Marianekgrzyb

    very FPS, WoWErrors and balck screans

    Hello, I had a similar problem after changing the PC and the total amount of RAM up to 32 GB. I am not sure if I used the exact software from the link, but this one should help. Game client is not able to use more than 2 GB and that can cause errors. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/
  3. Marianekgrzyb

    Low level BG bracket analysis

    MENTAL PS. If you don't stop replying to him, he won't either
  4. Marianekgrzyb

    Low level BG bracket analysis

    You are high, Im done with you. good bay
  5. Marianekgrzyb

    Low level BG bracket analysis

    I was about not to comment but let me doing it briefly. Both topics are closed so making the third one without any admins reply to a recent won poll doesnt make any sense. You have recently shown no skills in counting, so let me help you interpreting your stats. The solution to this situation is, of course, to draw conclusions from the actual poll and from our proposals regarding the exclusion of exp for lost BGs, unseparated queues, opening transfers 70-79 with locked exp in future and the introduction of cross faction queues for volunteers/everyone. Please, don't write anymore, because it is not an exam for a school essay.
  6. In attach - a list of guilds that officially took part in that poll when it comes to people still playing or not playing Sunwell anymore - because they would love to come back. Also I would like to dearly thank all those involved in voting help: i.e. three 80 level pvp guilds, mutual and foreign colleagues from discord, facebook, friends from university and school times and all those who have seen how badly we were treated in the situation, in which the bracket immediately required balancing instead of getting rid of longtime players. Oh, and I would also like to thank a few people from the Sunwell Crew, because without your help I would not be able to convince people. You know - that's the third law of thermodynamics when you guys are taking action against us, expect a reaction. We had a month to prove our point. Good night @Doremi @Trelhar @Ajax Edit1: In addition, I would like to sincerely apologize for all the unpleasant, and sometimes strong words, determination, stubbornness and impatience, but from the beginning I was aware and completely ready to accept all the hate and unjustified criticism exclusively on me. Edit2: I would also like to repeat the words of Ajax, because I could not add anything more wise to the end: namely voting with a such a small number of people on the fate of the whole bracket is foolish. These were the conditions of the poll-game and we agreed to it. Nevertheless, apart from statistics, it is important that the response from the community was relatively large. I must admit that from the beginning I was for the cross faction queues only for volunteers, but I believe that there will be nothing better than establishing a compromise and considering the introduction of both options: cross and unseparated queues. It's time to end the old-aged disputes and establish the law of sporting competitive spirit by playing side by side with opponents sometimes - if it is only going to help and stabilize the bracket at the beginning of its reconstruction. The situation in this forum has shown that we can come to a partial agreement when it comes to our common goals and in my opinion it is a perfect time to start brotherly competition again - with unseparated, totally crossed or voluntarily crossed queues.
  7. Partially it is bearing the fact that huge ammount of people left server in just 3 days after queues separation. However, we are still waiting if something moves in our case. You should better check second poll that is active atm
  8. You are null. Best regards edited: I fully engaged into voting here three twink guilds and, indirectly, three more guilds at level 80. I won't give someone like you to slander us here.
  9. @Azathothh Let me tell you something now. I am very proud of myself that despite such a toxic administration and a month of waiting I managed to mobilize so many people who were still hoping that they could play here like a year or two ago (I think you weren't here yet). I mobilized people within discord channels and game. I made a lot of contacts that are 80, who have rest dozen of sense and see what you are doing with us. Several pvp guilds from 80 lv with heart on hand wanted to help us with voting. A very good, athough funny, I have to admit idea was asking people for help in voting, for exchanging services in the game. They didn't pay gold - they were asked for voluntary support. Very simple and effective. I finally managed to meet and communicate with people who play in the opposite faction after so many time and almost two years. As it soon turned out we have common goals and maybe - I don't want to guess - they have finally seen that there is someone who have determination and patience to deal with you so much time in the forum and they agreed not to give up. I will not even comment on the sensations of this one garbage unit. I will repeat in public what I once sent to you in private. If I treated my clients in the same way in which you treat yours - and yet we left you a considerable sum of money throughout all these years - in your place I would not have had this job for a long time.
  10. This is not serious - in the end - as you can see, we are able to mobilize voting and achieve a good result. Before, on December 22-27 even I didn't know about the survey and I voted from behind the Christmas table. I have nothing to complain about, I also don't know what you are trying to achieve. If anyone can vote more than once - it would definitely be detected the same way as in the first poll. It may sound funny and indeed it is, but I got a warning once when I tried to draw the attention of administrators that our bracket needs help. I did then like 4 accounts ? I got warned within 24 hours if I remember correctly. Such a dirty games. I have succeeded and I can confirm it today - regardless of the poll results in future, that I convinced to vote even people who already left that server. They would just like to play with mates - that's what we have above and the chance - what can be seen from the actual results.
  11. Yeah, you're a hero we don't deserve. I have nothing to hide, but it is certain - that I asked for voice every person I know, and even people at level 80 - in large numbers. I made a lot of contacts in the month period while dueling in sewers, because obviously I had nothing more to do. I wonder what wise you still have to offer.
  12. there have been many serious opinions here, unfortunately we have to wait for everything to consider
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