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  1. @Doremi Q1: Will the Cross option be only for volunteers as an additional - third pool for those who would like to provoke onday faction balance manually - as we proposed with improvement in que bar that shows those people in third line ? Or will it be for everyone without exception to randomly pick players from both faction and hence still making onday balance totally randomly ? Q2: Can we expect another poll with another proposals in the nearest future ? Because this survey is incomplete and does not solve the situation completely Q3: Is there a chance to change the third option for that what it was like before but with the + Cross option ? Because previous situation - we all agree with that - was horrible, but because bad balance only. + edit: that confuses every of us that much, we have to wait with voting ++ edit: I am almost sure after talks that most part of those voting for 3 would dearly vote also for 1. Do you consider both options if they will stay equally and in high ammount of votes ?
  2. Marianekgrzyb

    WELL - SUNWELL Transmog for Paladin

    Hi mates, Your opinion is very important to me. Soon it will be a month since the administration deprived us of the ability to play Battlegrounds on Frosthold 😬 so I have a little bit more time for various thoughts and ideas. I am thinking about a new transmog for my Paladin at the moment and I would love to do something cool and special this time. What do you think about this variation in choosing a hat? 🧙‍♂️ I appreciate your help, big kisses !
  3. Let me disappoint you, but we are in constant contact with the horde and if you would be kind to note that in two days after the separation of about 200 people immediately changed the server. We certainly would have someone to play with at scheduled times if it did not happen. We are in contact with these people as well, they are awaiting for respond, but they do not see the slightest sense of returning to the place with such a toxic administration, which instead of listening to wise balance-allowing suggestions from people that are experienced in the 79 area - has chosen the opinion of 90 haters. I suppose you have not even read what suggestions I have made, so in my opinion you are absolutely unnecessary for discussion here. +edit and yes, I'm not a democrat because it's one of the dumbest ways to make decisions at all, with such an excellent example when such two underaged person can overote a highly educated one. I have a lot of regret for people in my community that they did not take an active part in the poll because less than a quarter of them voted but they are mostly professionally active, and therefore rarely online. +edit II I can describe myself as very stubborn and patient, but as I have said: if administration will not start an effective conversation with us, except to reply to me briefly on priv - they will lose next portion of players forevermore.
  4. Unfortunately, again you tell me what to do, I don't really like it buddy. And you underestimate the fact that the balance between factions on 70-79 was going to take the right position one week before separation, which could have between 25-33% of the winnings for the horde. Why separate then if there are so many disadvantages I wrote about earlier ? Everything would be balanced automaticaly as like last seven years. The administration could only open transfers and turn off xp for losing, which I also wrote earlier. This is the balance now that some players have to wait for the BGs whole day to play, and you laugh at others that they can only click in the game with the mouse ?
  5. Marianekgrzyb


    Unfortunately it is the case. I hope you will appreciate my help.
  6. I earn money each day on calculating buildings, so even if I would like to be wrong, I cannot be. All you have to do is to substract any number from rest in any configuration. You can also try from the left side to summ it up to see if it is correct ! The month is 4 weeks, now it's been 3 weeks since the change, you can easily estimate the average score in the number of games won by the horde one week before separation and you may be perhaps surprised by the fact that even if the horde had a result of about 25% just before solution - it had to be a quite well period for them then, since on the realm open you were kind to mention they had like 2% of wins. The 25% score on these days must have been definitely higher.
  7. I am very busy everyday, so I play mostly in the evenings. It is not right at all to demand that I will explain myself from the situation, because for obvious reasons - I could not hold all 150 or how many there twinks was in my hands telling them that they were doing wrong - especially those outside of the guild. That is why I tried to add most and most "normal" people to the guild to solve it inside, because it was easier. What is natural, as a GM, I gave out warnings for breaking the rules and I talked to them, and what's more, I strongly encouraged people to play hordes. Which I did manage partially with success. I didn't intervene visible, what doesn't mean not at all. And when it comes to statistics from the last days of bracket separation, it only confirms my opinion that everything was slowly heading for balance. I have probably said more than once that the separation of brackets forced toxic people to leave it - what is well - but also forced right people to do it, what is not well. And because the situation is hopeless, I try every effort to resolve it. Above are my solutions, which I have posted almost on every channel of communication with the Sunwell team - being ignored like a garbage just like your tickets - but I do not want to give up until a few people that I know feel like staying on this server. You can do it by a very nice and simple mathematical equation. All you have to do is subtract one number from another - but be kind enough to not let me explaining it to you. Unfortunately, even I can't do this. Existing data on Sunwell's website is not enough - unless you would like to trace and count that manually, checking over half a thousand results from that single day. And please, using statistics from one day only is so silly that it is not worth my attention. The result should be considered in entirely - what I did. It's quite funny, but it's extremely difficult to make a successful pre where we could finally meet Ajax's team - with so many players playing that day. It would be possible thanks to the solutions enabling balancing teams I mentioned in that thread above but: But you don't care what I write anyway, so if you're not interested, get lost forever.
  8. Certainly it is. At all, I am glad that you keep writing cause it makes me opportunity to answer with real number statistics - as a result you are embarassing yourself against the entire forum community. Keep it that ! But before I start with the next portion of stats, let me sum up what we already know about @KeithRS from that thread only: - he does not read the posts of others, and he was polite enough to admit that - he has not produced any substantive argument here - he is very proud of his native language level - he is not best in mathematics - he really likes to decide what others should do - he has no experience in playing any twinking bracket ever You now have the opportunity to defend yourself and answer a simple question: have you ever successfully graduated any level of school? I have the impression that you offend the effort that other users have made to get their own education. So what is your official presumption in this case ? Two or Five ? Pick one please. Here, your lovely numbers: Horde wins in percentage week before separation: 25.03% Horde wins in percentage almost 3 weeks after separation: 44.64 % The average increase of percentage points of Horde wins: 19,61 % The costs of bracket separation: Average reduction in the numbers of games played in twink brackets: 2.11 The number of regular players forced to change their server: almost 200 - the rest wonders The average increase in the waiting for BG pop in the evening hours for one faction levelers: 45 minutes The average increase in the waiting for BG pop in the evening hours for twinks any faction: infinite Unbelievable how ignorant you are. Why Horde had 25% wins days before separation ? Let me explain to forum users, because I am more than sure you stopped reading at the very beginning. There was no faction balance at all. That was a horrible state and we tried what we can to increase horde players number. Our players did so. And indeed there were almost as many twinks in the Horde as in the Alliance - except that they were mostly not even leveled to 70 at the moment. The Horde was in the process of gathering their strenght and immidiately pop - the bracket has been separated. It was playable for the first two or three days after, but no one in such an addictive game, especially as a PvP player wants to wait for playing BG. We have people in different time zones, some finish their works at different times, which means that the expectation of playing a common BG increased to the whole day. People are impatient and dont like to wait. As a result they escaped from here as soon as possible. I described on page 7 what administration have to do to solve this problem on any bracket, especially the twink ones to allow players to balance constantly and perhaps bring back huge amount of people. If the bracket were not separated - in the third month after the opening of realm, the situation would be very similar to what was once. What was once ? We are surely desperated to return to the point when 10, 15 or 40 full of twinks battlegrounds will happen again. As I have said many times, locking the bracket at such an early stage of new developed realm, with a lack of balance - resulted in its total destruction. Let admins to check their consciences and draw conclusions. Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots of our past and pride Alterac Valleys - but the one with 7 Arathi Basins 70-79 including twinks - fired on the same time makes impression.
  9. I see that the Malware unit has returned himself to the position of commenting and breaking the rules, because as far as I know it is forbidden to pump up previous entries - but apparently nobody cares to treat everyone equally. The value of battleground games on 70-79 bracket has dropped to this day to volume of 47.29 % of what it was on first of January. Bracket is still unbalanced, there are no tools to allow players to balance it on their own ways and pests like the one above have neither knowledge, experience nor anything common with this thread. He even admitted that he didn't read posts. Horde winnings remains at the end of the day on 33.58 %. When it comes to weekly summary it is no different than 45.41 % and monthly 25 % - which means that my alone adversary is missing the truth once again. It's been almost 3 weeks since your brilliant solution occurs and now we have no more than reduction the number of games by 2.12 times for 70-79s, forcing 200 players to switch to Warmane or stop playing. The rest of the people are waiting for further decisions. 79 twinks games stays with the numer of 0. There are 2 Horde and 1 Alliance twinking guilds that are awaiting for any administration respond. Let's see how it looks like on another brackets by measuring average number of games of last 7 days to the numbers before separating those with their experience locked. The average game numbers: level 10-19 with the reduction by 2.10 times, - twinking bracket level 20-29 with the reduction by 1.95 times level 30-39 with the reduction by 3.71 times level 40-49 with the reduction by 2.37 times level 50-59 with the reduction by 1.56 times level 60-69 with the reduction by 1.07 times - twinking bracket Would you like to add something else? I hope you get rid of this fiery young man before anyone mind to take him seriously.
  10. Marianekgrzyb


    I just wonder how you have such a lack of informations when forum is already burning hot. Any of twinking bracket level 19-79 has been successfully annihilated by such a soft crying boys that forced Sunwell to separate queues for battlegrounds instead of allowing factions to balance manually or whatsoever in the number of players. Seems that you have a lot to read, especially that Sunwell has already lost almost 200 of twink players both faction with potential of over 1000 like it used to be and they don't even feel like responding any possible way in game, discord, forum, private or facebook.
  11. @Azathothh @Doremi @Raphael @Graal Because we are still being ignored, I leave it this time in public and I am trying to collect the best commented proposals from various forum sections and my own mixed together to show them in a brief summary - because I have the impression that the administration has deficiencies in self reasoning and in addition they do not have time for everyone to successively read everything. Think of it as a help that will allow you to immidiately solve the situation. Here's what you have to do to please all players and make a reasonable compromise. Each side will have games again, games will appear often and at every time of the day. The only unknown that I do not take into account is the crossrealm with Angrathar, which in this case could change a lot, but today I will treat this solution as an April Fool's Day joke. NECESSARY: 1. Unseparated - normal BG queues are back. (What I won't comment on, because it has already been proved in this thread why this is the only right solution on this kind of small private server.) 2. Experience for lost Battlegrounds is completely excluded. (Which will strengthen the point 11 of rules https://sunwell.pl/page/rules and force players to compete and not to be away hoping for level - otherwise they will not queue unnecessarily for the game. The current solution is not blizzlike) 3. Transfers for all players between 70-79 are opened to the opposite faction. (We can move in any configuration with one condition: after the transfer, our character has locked the ability to receive any experience for a very long time. I suggest a period of 3-6 months, which will force each player to make a decisions wisely and that will not disturb - already unbalanced- level 80 area. Because I run a guild so I know that a very large number of twink players from the day would may strengthen the opposite faction, and thus balance. 4. An additional option for volunteers who want to play a mixed battlegrounds when choosing the queue by leaving that option enabled. (Because it is completely absurd to wait half a day or night to play a battleground if one or two players are missing in one team. Each team may have no more than 50% of the opposing faction players in the total or in summary. The algorithm will randomly decide of mixes. Those players who organize the so-called prepared battlegrounds may sign up separately and be asure that they will be together, but if they are insufficient in number to start batlleground, they can receive an additional player from the opposite faction - if only he wants to sign up for mixed BG. OPTIONAL: A. Sunwell Coins rewards (To make BGs more playable and to force players to win them, you could finally introduce the option you have promised on Frosthold announce, i.e. rewarding with small amounts of Sunwell Coins for winning some portions of BG.) B. Battleground Arena-Like Matches for 70-79 (If you don't appreciate the solution for separated rankings for twinks - even though you promised us on Frosthold announce to consider - I come with an idea of so called mini-battleground creation that bases on arena zones for all players in the 70-79 bracket. An alternative battleground which does not require 10 players to start, but only 4. Importantly available from the battlegrounds tab directly, perhaps included into CTA sometimes and working on alike skirmish rules match that is awarded with getting experience and instead of creating arena alike teams or rankings - will be visible on PVP STATS tab on Sunwell website as additional BG positions. This type of 'mini battleground' randomly selects two players each team from the available pool and gives them additional options to gain experience. I propose three variants in which V1: twinks can be matched with one leveling guy and by playing together will help them in gaining experience for winning, or the second variant, V2: when for this type of match twinks are strictly separated from levellers and have double duel competition that is forced by normal que, because there is no opportunity to play skirmishes as they are no competitive and you should not be in any BG que to wait for that kind of entertainment and final variant V3: with separation of levels that may look like 70-75 bracket and 75-79 bracket and 79 locked exp bracket for such a BGarenas. Players got scared of separated queues enough so there is a lack of players today at all to run a simply WSG. Reducing the number of players needed to 4 and by considering the above advantages that I described will certainly be an interesting solution. C. Improved queue status bar (The number of players from each faction will be displayed, and the number of people from the BG cross pool will be displayed separately. An additional solution to improve the organization of prepared games will display number of people with locked experience. This will encourage players to play, simplify the creation of pre battlegrounds and allow to do balance manualy basing on online value of players and their power to facilitate self-balancing) That's so simply to go and you may finally reconcile the two commenting groups here and encourage ordinary players and twinks to play together as it has been for the last 7 years. I remember BGs in which leveling players disturbed twinks in games, but I also remember those in which cooperation was a way to win. Causing the balance of both factions will enable healthy competition, and the above solutions will facilitate co-existence in the bracket. The current situation is unacceptable, because twinks have been thrown away from server, we are awaiting for any reactions, and ordinary players have got reduced frequency of BGs by 100%, while bracket balance is still non visible. If such a compromise is unreachable, I'm afraid we have nothing to look for here. In attach three variants of status queue bar improvement to allow players self-balancing with cross bg option:
  12. Why don't you finally stop entering into our buisness with your uninteresting investments ? You could also pick global classic or whatsoever if I will go to be your good advisor like you pretends to be for others. +Stop trying to harass twinks please
  13. Let me not comment that in any way, because to me your logic is zero and I leave it to others for judge your entries. Id like only to mention that what adminis did is motherfu**ery, because they went to a shortcut instead of creating a tools to balance and encourage players below level 80 to get to the other side. They could do this in the many ways mentioned in this thread. As we can see they are not trying to do something to balance 80s as well. Our players did what they could to level up in the horde and I think it is not appropriate that someone do such experiments on our community - how without success - to fix the balance on the bracket. Still there is no balance, there is almost no twinks to stay, rest are consider to say farewell to the server permanently, the problem remains and we are awaiting for official administration state because I am tired of debates with random people.
  14. @KeithRS +edited. You are useless enough in this thread that you have forgotten that the horde is still waiting to play any bg with us +edited. You are also trying hard to rely on any unproven evidence and statistics sent from your finger randomly. Do you think its gonna convince anyone to attach some random battlegrounds score ? Hey look everyone, dude had more deaths over kills on January 2 cause he carried horde flag whole time. - thats pathetic. I have once described how I assess your persona what I would not to remind. Don't you honestly and humanly see that you are compromising yourself? We played that day without any preparated team, and we were continuing despite the almost every losed game till late evening when people went to sleep. That covers our determination and will to play with other twinks. If you have nothing wise to say get the f**k off to not leave a bad smell. I am reapeating my questions once more. Why those people are still tolerated to not talk about topic, and to force me and others to answer off topic as well. Why we are f****d up from admins attention, while we've tried every possible channel to get any of informations about that shit situation ? We were never the largest group on the server, but not once I proved how numerous. Why is it allowed to such guys to voice us over without any arguments like still shows above and voice over like you all did in a poll to throw us to another server? I emphasize again that you have lost almost 200 people to this day, who will disappear soon completely and will never come back. You will perhaps also lose the potential of over 1000 people that were related in twinking on the previous realm. It was once our virtual home as a community of people who liked the level 79 gameplay. For 7 years or more there were no problems with that, and when some problem occurs, instead of solving the faction balance, you want to get rid of us. I ask if that Sunwell exactly wants to achieve ? If so, I will tell my community just today that they have nothing to look for here anymore and they will leave their money elsewhere.
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