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  1. Muffin Button

    Recruit a Friend

    Not in my experience because their is about 50% exp reduction when in a group with 1 other person so effectively the RAF counteracts that reduction meaning you level at the same rates as everyone else. I could be missing something completely but so far leveling with my friend we are getting same exp for killing a mob in a group as we do killing the same mob solo
  2. Muffin Button

    Vuhdo/Healing addons

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm new to macros. Can't believe how simple they are but how complex they can be made. Really helped me out. :)
  3. Muffin Button

    Vuhdo/Healing addons

    Hey guys, Just started here on the server and was wondering if anyone here uses Vuhdo/Clique etc? Having issues trying to setup keybinds for them. Vuhdo does not seem to have the "keys Local" option to bind spells to and clique will not accept input from 1-12 etc. Anyone know how to resolve this issue? Cheers in advance :)
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