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  1. Dreadnought101

    Faction Transfers?

    Hey there, earlier there were free horde to alliance transfers but the event has since ended and there is no Faction Transfer Character Service on the store. The NA scene is quite small, especially on Alliance and as GM of Seventh Empire[Alliance] there have been several horde players that have approached me as they don't have many guild options as well on the Horde side and my guild fits their goals better. My question is if the sunwell team is planning on a new faction transfer event or open up the possibility on the store, or if they can accommodate specific guilds that have very focused goals and purposes.
  2. Dreadnought101

    Modifier Arena Macro

    Hi, im trying to build a Macro but its not working, need help. What im trying to do is on nomodl either target arena1, arena2, arena3. with Alt pressed, cast cyclone on Arena1, 2, 3. With Shift pressed, heals party member 1, 2 ect... and Ctrl pressed, casts Entangling Roots. (Bonus if you can get ctrl to have me shapeshift to bear form, and charge an arena target for interrupts.) Keybind A #showtooltip /cqs /target [nomod]arena1 /cast [mod:alt, @arena1] Cyclone /cast [mod:shift, @party1] Regrowth /cast [mod:ctrl, @arena1] Entangling Roots Keybind S #showtooltip /cqs /target [nomod] arena2 /cast [mod:alt, @arena2] Cyclone /cast [mod:shift, @party2] Regrowth /cast [mod:ctrl, @arena2] Entangling Roots (and similar for other binds, also bonus if I can get control modifier for entangling roots to shapeshift me to bear form, then charge that target)
  3. Dreadnought101

    Implementing xFaction BGs

    Recommend implementing xFaction BGs. 1) 50+ alliance queued, 0 horde queued. those 50 players could be in battlegrounds immediately, but instead are doing nothing waiting in queue. 2) when one faction looses disproportionately, players of that faction queue less, making the issue worse. xFaction will keep mixing up the teams and rebalance after every match rather than expectation you will either stomp or be stomped like in the game before. 3) Helpful at lower levels. Less players in brackets below lvl 80, where these 2 first issues are created worse. 4) Only counterarguments are for some form of abstract idea that roleplayers push that it MUST be Alliance VS Horde, without any actual benefits, and are likely players that rarely PvP anyway and won't be affected by it.
  4. Dreadnought101

    Can we end the Alliance advantages in WG?

    Both sides should get a semi-equal opportunity to win WG. Horde had WG like 90% of the time up until Naxx came out then Alliance started winning. Funny that the moment Alliance starts actually controlling WG over multiple games a row that the Horde start raging. Personally I would just implement a loss-chain buff, and not do tricky things like limit populations which arent fun to those waiting outside WG
  5. Dreadnought101

    About blood elf comunity and faction balance

    Clearly you have not met an undead rogue yet.
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