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  1. Just this afternoon, it took on average between 10-15 minute for a BG to log us in. Level 80. Seems that there are many more horde players all over the place. You don't play PvP or is it because horde always gets steamrolled if it isn't a premade so people don't want to go?
  2. Nairowel

    Horde please don't be stupid

    The faction imbalance is the problem. I don't have any problem with WPvP. I actually like it when you have any chance of fighting back.
  3. You have the numbers. Congrats! Please don't gank us, we're trying to level up so we can put up fight in the BGs and WG. If you don't stop more and more people will leave and you will kill this server. And then all your time and effort will be in vain. An alliance player.
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