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  1. Crossfaction when? After 3 days of playing bgs with honor bonus on ali I am starting to loose hair and I am so exhausted I look like Ghoul from Warcraft3. Lets go alliance! only 64 bgs lost and 18bgs won... Feels Balanced xDD Daily win? what is that? I am again on like 7 bg loss streak. 3 weeks in a row same story. just... idk... I finish offparts and delete all my chars. 9 bg loss in a row stil no daily win its balanced they said.
  2. Machine

    Range hacker Calem

    I know we have talked about it, but I have been playing arenas n sht and I literaly have NOTHING and in some bgs and some arenas sometimes hits just go through pillar. I am not writing this for any specific reason to stand behind this guy or that guy, but I literaly play clean and this server stil makes me sometimes hit through through edge of los. idk how, idk why. Its server issue, its not lag, its literaly server texture issue.
  3. Make crossfaction for 80 too and limit premades to 2 players max. 80 bgs are broken as s**t, thanks.
  4. Machine

    Range hacker Calem

    listen qwerty, you are a good guy, if it was some kind of hack, it would not affect auto attack, it never does, only abilities. Auto attacks "came through" which means it was cuz this server is laggy at WEDNESDAYYYYYYYY middle of week and I alt f4 cuz lagssssss. Just saying
  5. Machine

    Range hacker Calem

    Calculate + 0.3 second to his position and spell usage both of the times and u see what I talk about. He was always 0.3 second in different position and gcd then it has shown. You can literaly see where Tyrkys peaked both of the times and 0.3 second after it has shown the hit that Beyondlimit did when Tyrkys has peaked. If this server keeps lagging and people making clips of bugs from server side I can also just stop playing in peak hours, because its matter of time before someone records me on delayed video where it looks like I hit him while he was behind los, which was not the case here. Also, he got hit by auto attack first, which is always even with range hack 5 yards when he peaked him which means he is not using range hack.
  6. Machine

    Range hacker Calem

    server lags today that it was unplayable, the auto attack was delayed and came from the right side where they have met, the execute happened because he was already on him while it showed him bit more in the back. When I play people are literaly flying while casting spells, my pummel doesnt work 1/3 of the time cuz lag and if it does then 1/3 of the time its after 3 ticks of pummel while I instantly thumb click the pummel for it. Doesnt prove anything, just the fact, that this server is laggy as hell.
  7. Machine

    Range hacker Calem

    first of all: there is range hack on this server and its abused quite heavily. 2nd of all: Why would I dodge random range hacking warrior who I farm 2v2 mirror in under 60 seconds every time? idk just... please... stop... typing...
  8. Machine

    Range hacker Calem

    I am 1000% sure he is range hacking. 1000%... just spectate his arenas from time to time or try to kite his attacks u will see. Fun times, fun game hehexd
  9. Machine

    Range hacker Calem

    Anyone else tired of this kid smashing abilities on 2 meters extra around him? Kid is literaly laughing at me in bg while disarming my bladestorm while sitting on druid who is 7 meter away from me. I saw this happening like 4 times already, in arena literaly smashing people on other side of corner. .sp sp Calem - you will laugh.
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