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  1. Azureuz

    1. Eoghann

    Hello, Items with defense rating are valuable for feral tank also, because additional defense increase chance for dodge. Additionally, this back has bonus armor stat, so it's the tank item. Master looter was added to the ninjalist. Regards
  2. Azureuz

    Cacakazzo banned by Piootrek

  3. Azureuz

    Eno banned by Piootrek

  4. Azureuz

    Vitruve banned by Piootrek

  5. Azureuz

    Djx Banned by Nadiir

    Ban passed away.
  6. Azureuz

    Tresko Banned by Piootrek

  7. Azureuz

    Primea Banned by Crafty

  8. Azureuz

    [Padme] chat banned 7d by Unknown

    Hello, That wasn't Your first time when You was breaking ToS. Public chat channels ingame (general channel in locations also are public channels). Next time please think two times, before You will write something especially in Polish. Your mute was reduced. Regards
  9. Azureuz

    [Griffey] (Banned by Forseti)

    Hello, Account unbanned. Regards
  10. Azureuz

    Ylvish (banned by Azureuz)

    Hello, Your ban was reduced. Your ban will pass while Naxxramas start. Regards
  11. Azureuz

    Banned acaunt help me

    Hello, Your ban was reduced. Regards
  12. Azureuz

    Naiters banned by Piootrek

  13. Azureuz

    Roach banned by Piootrek

  14. Azureuz

    ingame ban by Azathothh

  15. Azureuz

    ninja looting

    Hello, It's not against ToS, player will not be punished. Kind regards
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