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  1. Pearl

    How happy are you with this server?

    Hello and welcome! There's no queues at the login server, nor gear items and weapons on shop except heirlooms, mounts and tabards and xp rate is 3x up to 67-68 and 2x after up to 80, gms are pretty swift on answering and helping the players. There are a few bugs tho -that are not fixed yet. Like AI movement -mobs, pets, companions, some class bugs like warrior's charge, rogue's combat bug (can't remember others atm), website's armory has the wrong talents on some classes and bad scaling if lower resolution, high ping and lag at EU hours, very low view distance aand ninja looting is allowed in 5 man dungeons. Other than that most of the community is polish., their discord used to be really toxic., horde usually loses at PVP and on almost every bg while leveling as well, hidden H-A ratio on website, occasional crashes. On the other server think xp rate is 7x, full cash shop, gear, levels, gold, char trading, you have to pay in order to skip the queue faster, pop numbers are bigger or lower than shown on their website depending on time aand their new realm is really bugged atm. Think that's pretty much it? Up to you now. Yeah, personally i'm not that happy w sunwell but i still play here for a while now Cheers mate! L.E.: Alliance has a few perks and multiboxing is not allowed here.
  2. Pearl

    Ninja - Balenoss

    Hey on this server ninja looting is allowed sadly -in 5 man dungeons
  3. Pearl

    Needing on Items in 5 man Dungeon

    Hi, your pic is not working. Well since no one else is answering this -> don't bother mate, they really don't care about ninja loot in dungeons, it's allowed on this server. More and more people are doing it now. I'd suggest doing guild runs instead, w friends and put the ninja looters on your ignore list after. Like try making a ticket about it first, see answer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Hello, any news about this? What about twinks? For anyone stopping their XP -> dead queues.
  5. Pearl

    Gaarah is a ninjalooter

    No they won't. Sadly on this server ninja looting in 5 man dungeons is allowed. All you can do is put them on ignore list after.
  6. Hey, depends on time really and if someone wants to lead that BG. We had 5 wins in a row the other day during morning EU time on the 70-79 WSG -i'm Horde. (90% loss before and after that ofc). It's a ''proven fact'' that Alliance is more good at PVP while Horde at PVE and sadly not everyone care that much for the win or either just expect to get carried. Some give up too quickly and are eager to queue again for that less XP -we had 33 horde in queue and 3 alliance at some point. Some need to learn to well .. PVP, stick together and communicate, heal, go for flag, defend it and so on -depending on BG. Instead of afk-ing/raging on chat and making the others feel like shit/scattering all across the map/leave and get debuff + no xp etc. Keep in mind that most of them do queue indeed w really bad gear, same for over 5 levels. Also queue is random so you might not get healers, higher levels, people who are good at pvp. Anyways sorry for ranting, that's just the BGs leveling part. At 80, if you're going to queue in full greens and run aimlessly with 0 idea on how to win there ... PLEASE, kindly frick off, get better gear, do some duels, watch yt, read guides, make some macros, learn stuffs and only queue after that! ''The FIX''? -> We're gonna get Crossfaction BGs and Twinks back at some point, maybe soon since it's already been tested and what not. *stop it w the damn perks lmao* LE: (Free) transfers back would be nice too. No worries, there's always going to be more horde.
  7. Pearl

    Transfer a character

    Heyo, sadly not possible -> until ICC/RS patch
  8. Pearl

    Item disappeared after someone left the raid

    I'm a what now? lmao You must be really confused aaand this ^ is pretty funny. The ''issue'' was already solved, before i even posted that. Did you saw the /w on that pic as well? I'd recommend to stop embarrassing yourself although memes are always fun. Carry on (on a more serious note, don't roll on cloths, as a sham, in raids, k, thanks)
  9. Pearl

    Item disappeared after someone left the raid

  10. Pearl

    Item disappeared after someone left the raid

    Hello. I quit bc half of the group were really bad aand i was always in the 1 to 3 top dps (i'm full disci/heal gear w 0 hit btw and we also had a dk w 2.1k gs there). So ... bruh, you were that shaman who kept rolling on other's gear? Please stop doing that
  11. Pearl

    Cheaters detected

    Hey. Best way to get rid of those would be to simplify report their names to a GM in a ticket or in sunwell's discord #support channel (maybe add some names and proof here too)! Moderators can only moderate global chat and discord.
  12. Pearl

    Heroics Ninja Names

    Suggesting a discord channel where we can post ninja looter's names in heroics with proof (SS)! Like it's obviously not nice to farm that one heroic once a day for quite a while and when you finally get that item ... At least that, since it's only punishable in raids. That way others can avoid those and teach them that's a bad and shameful thing to do. Thanks.
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