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    How are the MoP preparation is going?

    Good to know! Thanks for the info. I Hope you guys will provide good server as you always do. I know staff changed, but I used to play on Jajcer's servers since 'Karczma pod zapitym Gnomem' ;) So it's like 10 years. This server line was always the best on the private servers market. I hope for MoP realm, because there is literally no MoP realm with rates below x3. There's one, but it's Hungarian, english speakers are beaten there for speaking english like when Sunwell went from Polish only to international xd. Good times, good times.
  2. Grey_Inside

    How are the MoP preparation is going?

    Hello, I've seen some posts there are/were works on the MoP realm. Change log is last updated on July 2018 in MoP section. Therefore, I'd like to ask if MoP project is still being supported? Thanks for answers.
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