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  1. Xavier

    Cheaters detected

    Do some screenshot so devs can check if those players are bots or not.
  2. Xavier

    ASSHOLES List (Alliance)

    They can move to another guild that's why I didnt wrote it. I think the character name is enough even if it isn't a solid proof without a screenshot who can prove their acts.
  3. Xavier


    Yes, that's the why a ganker is not a pvper, or he really thinks to be a skilled pvper by killing who doing quests.
  4. You were probably lucky to find players who knew what to do.
  5. Xavier


    I know, but even if you didn't do anything to him, they're going to do it with you and the others. They act this way because they can't take revenge on the player from whom they were killed while doing the quests. So the first one they see, they kill him and it doesn't matter if he's a player with 30 or 40 levels less.
  6. Xavier


    The main reason a player gank others is that he also had the same "treatment", so now he takes some pleasure from what he does. Let's say it's a kind of revenge even if in a battlefield or arena he's not good pvper.
  7. Xavier

    Slave market

    You and all the players who like this shitty thing stay away from this server.
  8. What's your mood when you wipe every time in Naxxramas-25?
  9. Xavier

    Faction Balance?

    Pretty bad for a pve player who play on alliance and dont give a shit about pvp, but for an ally pvp player this is good since you have more chance to join arena. For pve I suggest to a new player to go on horde side.
  10. Xavier

    Question for everyone

    I don't think they will.
  11. Xavier

    Question for everyone

    I understand very well that starting from the beginning with little time is quite difficult, but you have to understand that new server means new beginning, so new characters, professions and so on. If it were possible to transfer a character to level 80 from Angrathar then putting a new server online is useless, they could stay with Angrathar.
  12. Xavier

    Question for everyone

    Still angrathar, c'mon. Now there's Frostold, play and stop trying with these useless requests. So deal with it.
  13. Xavier

    Faction Balance?

    Joining the alliance or the horde won't change anything. Since no one give a shit about this factions imbalance and since you can't change this situation choose the faction you like the most and don't think too much about it. Just play.
  14. Xavier

    ASSHOLES List (Alliance)

    Being afk in a dungeon or raid means being kicked instantly, especially when a player has not said anything about this, but that's a fair reason to kick a player out and I agree. I have listed other reasons why a player might be on this list, reasons that you may not have seen.
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