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  1. Xavier

    Frosthold is full

    Frosfthold is full and I don't have enough patience to wait almost an hour to be able to enter. It's a good server, I liked it, but now it's time to look for another server without having to queue to get in. Bye guys, have a nice play!
  2. Xavier

    Scripter: Bisexualteen

    My dear Belf, if you did something you didn't have to, well, I can tell you this:
  3. Xavier

    Ninja Looter: Stolenx

    Yes, I know, but if a player has stolen an item he deserves to be marked as a ninja looter definitively and not just for a month or less.
  4. Xavier

    Range hacker Calem

    Then it's really strange that he hasn't been banned yet, or he is friend of the devs.
  5. Xavier

    Range hacker Calem

    If it is true, I hope it will be banned as soon as possible.
  6. Xavier

    Ninja Looter: Stolenx

    What you need to do for future raids is avoid any raids where he's also in and you also have to make sure the raid leader knows about him. Put him in your ignore list and add a note so you can remember the reason for this.
  7. Xavier

    Arena Season 6: Information

    What a good news, well done!
  8. Xavier

    Carbonite map problem

    Try to find a stable version of this addon if it exists, but before to copy another one in interface/addon be sure to delete only the files that reference to carbonite that are located in: World of Warcraft Client 3.3.5a - Ready to Play\WTF\Account\AccountName\Frosthold\CharacterName\SavedVariables (deletes carbonite files only) and here World of Warcraft Client 3.3.5a - Ready to Play\WTF\Account\AccountName\SavedVariables (deletes carbonite files only) Dont forget to delete cache folder.
  9. Xavier

    Carbonite map problem

    If you really need to, you can look for some alternatives to replace it with.
  10. Xavier

    Carbonite map problem

    And then put again carbonite in interface/addon. Try to find another version of it. When I used carbonite, I never had a problem with it. Maybe I was lucky to find a version that didn't bother me. I used this addon for a short time since it is quite heavy.
  11. Xavier

    Auction Undercutting

    God bless them.
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