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  1. Xavier

    Mythic+ Project

    Ok, but..............how much time for pandaria?
  2. Being positive about sunwell is really hard.
  3. Xavier

    Icecrown Citadel - Launch Schedule

    Putting Frosthold online when Angrathar was already there makes no sense ...
  4. To be realistic I do not think Pandaria will be online before the end of 2020. They're busy on Frosthold now, there is still the s10(pvp) and two more raids to open and all the fixes they will require. I think they will be forced to abandon Pandaria, sooner or later they will realize this or they have already noticed it.
  5. It's not good when you don't know anything about the progress on pandaria, I hope their work is going well.
  6. Do you really want it or not? If you want, add a reason why you'd like to do it. My reason is that I played very little this expansion when it was released in 2012, some bgs, some dungeons and I didn't even get to level 90. I'd like to play it again and this time maybe get to level 90 and do something more.
  7. It seems you are one of those players who likes to be fooled up by "big and interesting" intentions that the staff believed they could implement. Or, as I said before, even if you get fooled up, you don't care anyway.
  8. In another post I wrote: this conduct will only lead to bad things. But, the most ridiculous or saddest thing (it depends on the player's point of view) is that for a lot of players things are going well. It seems they don't mind being fooled.
  9. It's clear that they will always disagree with what you have written. They represent the staff and you'll always get a ban if "acting to the detriment of the server". 🤨 Your thought is different from theirs(the staff): banned. Your thought is different from others(the players): banned. You keep exposing your thoughts on how the choices they've made are completely bad: banned. I won't be surprised if this other post disappears soon and I'll probably be suspended again and defined for writing what I think. Enjoy sunwell!
  10. Now I play little on this server and the reason for this is useless to say it again. This conduct will only lead to bad things. The decrease in connected players is the first factor that you notice right away......... it's slow but steady.
  11. Xavier

    Intellect item for warriors?

    Those wrist arent bis for warrior but they're good enough because they give you agility,ap,crit and arp. The heroic version is obviously better. And if it's strange for some that a warrior rolls for these wrist, it's because they don't know anything about the stats the warrior needs.
  12. So, can we know some news about pandaria? Or, are you thinking to put online another Frosthold 2.0?
  13. Maybe it is or maybe not. What is certain and without any doubt, was the wrong choice to put online another wotlk server when there was already angrathar, a good wotlk server. Keep Angratahr online where raids have already been released and require less effort than Frosthold, turn off Nightbane and continue with Pandaria........... but no one knows if there's "really" something true about this.
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