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  1. Xavier


  2. Xavier

    Ninja loot

    That player is from Blacklisted and if it's the same guild full of asshole who was on alliance on angrathar then this explain very well what happened to you.
  3. Xavier

    Few ideas

    If you want to have some fun in alliance just do it.
  4. Xavier

    Numbers for Horde and Aliiance

    Go on sunwell.pl, type username and password then choose Frosthold.
  5. Xavier

    Ninja List

    Even tanks are ninjalooter and they're not so few.
  6. Xavier

    Implementing xFaction BGs

    I came here for this cool idea!
  7. Xavier

    Ninja List

    I bet all the players who "committed this crime" after reading this post now they tremble in fear.
  8. Xavier

    Warrior bugs.

    I like those bugs so I can exploit them to my advantage.
  9. Xavier

    Few ideas

    Sure, you can, delete the char in ally and reroll on horde. Easy.
  10. Here are some assholes used to kicking other players out of the dungeon for various reasons, including: -same class and spec, so chance of losing a loot -player kicked out from the dungeon because he was slow in buffing the party -the heroic dungeon is a serious and life-threatening matter, so you have to adapt to this style -if you have latency issues you could be kicked out -be kicked out after killing the first boss -be an asshole regardless of the loots which is the most important thing Il try to keep the list updated: Asensei Deflect Flyingmelon Griid Grundi Nemer Novanta Opi Pierrdzaca Rendrag Szybki Tinybutt Tona Vylk
  11. Xavier

    First Ninja of Frosthold

    That's the way an asshole is used to playing. What did you expected!?
  12. Xavier

    ninja and kick in dung

    You're going to have to deal with nothing more than braindead players.............for a long time. Welcome on board!
  13. Xavier

    First Ninja of Frosthold

    Max, you expressed exactly my pov. I think players who are not dickheads are very few. So far, I've done 4 heroic dungeons and in each there were insults and someone was kicked out for the loots. I use a similar addon, it's Blaklist. After you enter player names, you can add an additional note for each player. This additional note will be shown to you in the party chat or raid chat if any of these assholes are there with you.
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