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  1. Loken


    Just a quick update, our name has changed from <Rising Dogs> to <Dogs>. A group of children stole our name.
  2. Loken


    <Dogs> [H] is an international guild with an active core raid group spanning over multiple servers. Our aim is to have a large social community who can enjoy the game without getting swept into a minmax mentality. Our core consists of experienced raiders familiar with wotlk content. Our emphasis is on a fun and laid back raiding environment while still progressing content efficiently. We are *only* accepting applicants for our raid group that understand written English. We will also be running multiple weekly 10m raids available to all interested members - no forms or prerequisites required. Raid Times: Saturdays - 19:00 CET Sundays - Cleanup Day Raider Application: https://forms.gle/UQsrxTV22dE4wXwx9 Discord: https://discord.gg/h4B7Wph
  3. Loken

    DIscord ban, Loken #7406.

    I posted my guild advertisement somewhere I shouldn't have and ignored a warning not to do it again. I am real sorry, I'm a new man now, I promise.
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