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    Banned by Azathothh for Botting

    Hello my characters Whitesonly and boopboop on Angrathar were banned for botting and multiboxing I feel there is huge misunderstanding I was just farming honor on my 39 twink because battlegrounds never happen in that bracket and there's no one to kill anymore in pvp there's no other way to get honor but to kill myself . I wasn't using a bot just my Gaming keyboard numlock key holding down my 4 button so it casts over and over and num lock key on other account on my laptop just presses right click over and over right click hovered over the resurrect button and my character standing right in front of the corpse so it resurrects infront of me if my character was killed or moved 1 meter back I would not be able to attack anymore not a bot just normal keyboard function. I read through all the rules and it doesn't say anything about farming honor with 2 accounts and it said that you are allowed to have two accounts logged in that's why I'm super confused please help 😧 this server is all I play and if I knew this wasn't allowed I would of never done it. I will happily show you in game exactly what I was doing to prove I wasn't using any sort of weird bot program. Thanks, Zoey
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