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  1. Silver

    Arrogant and rude GM treatment

    I just wanna state....that generally speaking, mature players don't feel the need to constantly mention that they are mature.
  2. Your name - Silvershield/SilverbloomReported player's name - Korboo, SarokhDate - 24/march 2019Rule that was broken - racism, sexual harassment, etc Where to begin? This player named Korboo was ninjalooting items in a raid. He was kicked from the raid and I informed the guild he was playing in, as they are former guildies and friends. They decided to expell him as he had other fuck ups with them too. This was months ago. Since then he has not stopped harassing me, and sometimes it has taken uncomfortable sexual tones. He did this via whisper, via whispers to MY GUILDIES, and on the frickin' global channel. I reported him in a ticket when he was writing sexual invitations to me in GLOBAL, but the response from the GM was just to ignore him. That isn't enough when he is writing these things in /all and in /global for everyone to see and even whispering guild members. This has been happening for a long time but a few nights ago was the very last straw. He and his friend Sarokh (who we expelled from our guild for misconduct) not only made sexual references to me, but also went into a tirade of racism, abuse and praises of Hitler. I even unblocked them to be able to take some screens myself. Here is a compilation of evidence: Here he is saying he wants to go to a hotel with me on two different dates. My whisper proves that this is unwelcome behaviour and yet he continued. Sarokh even went as far as creating a guild called "Hold my Slave" (a reference to our guildname: hold my honeymint). Guess who is the gleader of that guild? Chimpokomon, the guy who korboo "accidentally" gave items to (in a different report you have about them ninjaing). Here he is teling a guildie that he wants him to BRING HIM MY BODY Here, if you need to know who they are talking about, you can see sarokh selects my character for the laugh emote. It is also not the first time he calls me his slave, as shown in the previous screens. And here are some lovely examples of Korboo and Sarokh talking about slavery, using the n-word, and making threats. And here he brings MY CHILD into it. Suggesting I am a bad mother for playing warcraft instead of just dedicating 24 hours to raising my kid. On top of racism and sexual harassment: sexism. Hooray. And finally, Sarokh comparing himself with hitler... like it's a good thing.
  3. Your name - Silverbloom Reported player's name - Lubieicetea Date - 9 sep 2018 Rule that was broken - Bug exploit. Shooting through terrain texture Description - In Warsong, a group of Hordes was camping the cemetery (not against the rules, just kinda dirty). The problem was that at least one of them was attacking THROUGH the terrain texture. This kept people from being able to get away from the ganking and prepare, or move to carry out any sort of strategy. it ruins the fun of the BG. Evidence -
  4. Silver

    Password recovery fails

    Hello. I have forgotten the exact password to an account I hadn't used in a while. I tried resetting the password via the Sunweel "Password Recovery" option, but it does not work at all. It just keep sending the email but the link provided in said email just keeps sending me back to the initial password reset page. How and who should I contact to fix this?
  5. Silver

    Friend bought x4 boost on wrong account

    I have to agree with Underork. I don't think it's right to make someone who is part of the contributing playerbase have to suffer that mistake. I can understand the server staff not returning coins when people simply change their minds, but ... this player still wants to spend the coins on the same thing, just made a mistake choosing the account. They're not asking for a refund, just a correction.
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