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  1. Elimi

    [Elimi] (Banned by Azathothh)

    Character Name: Elimi Punishment Reason: PvP scripts Game Master: Azathothh Summary: Hello, 2 days ago, I wrote a private message to you in the forum. Unfortunately no one answered. Normal behavior of the persons responsible for the association society. If you require me to admit to using a bot/script.. it will never happen. I play intuitively. In the movies you can watch my pro "pre kick" yes! But, mostly I waste this skill for nothing .. Why no one shows it??? Why?.. it's not about reaction time, but about premonition. I always play the same way. It`s ridiculous to get banned for that. When it comes to using vanish on deadcoil, I'm able to show it on, in each every singel duel. This is not a problem for me. Almost 100% vanish/coil ratio. And the whole situation is not about me, scripts, but about justice. I'm sick of this crib. Sunwell will never return to the great times when Jajcer management this serwer. I would just like to know why Kuzniak got banned since he proved to you, that he didn't use any script in dalaran.. tell me, why? Admit your mistake and that your level of knowledge is about 0 when it comes to pvp. You suggest other players' opinions, instead of verifying it personally. I`ve always believed in sunwell project, supported u either donating or encouraging friends to play, but feels like I was mistaken, wasting time and money. I wont play here anymore. Best regards.
  2. Elimi

    Violation of good name

    Hi i would like to report Player, name- Afflictive. Insulting/public insinuation/suggesting to other players that i play not fair and use hack. All off this entries violate my good name. I am clean, please investigate the matter and take an official position on this issue.
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