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  1. Moneyman

    Join in combat

    How does it make sense that a player minding his own buisness, killing some monsters out in the wild, cant enter dungeon while in combat, but a retarded alliance rouge can enter battle ground while in fight with horde player?
  2. Moneyman

    ninja and kick in dung

    Both you and them should be punished then
  3. Hey guys i was wondering if anybody of you knows a macro that will make this spell an insta cast? Like without me having to confirm with left click, and that tree guys spawn at my mouse spot right after i press the spell?
  4. Hey, horde player here to share my story. Not only is the fact that people are overgeared the problem. Community in pvp is kinda toxic too. I remember i queued up to play some battleground and i just got flamed because i didnt have good enough equipment. (I got destroyed from alliance too) So i just got demotivated and never played bg since that happened. Toxic community flamed me for bad gear and i got destroyed by overgeared hunter or whatever. (Cross faction battle grounds seem like a cool idea tho, i would love to sign up with my guild and play against each other :D)
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