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    Can we end the Alliance advantages in WG?

    SOME kind of balancing system has to exist, though (and we both know that Tenacity is more of a symbolic help, as numbers advantage greatly outclasses individual buffs). You can't reasonably expect people to suck up being locked out of a raid just because they liked Night Elf more on the character creation screen. We don't play video games to experience "life sucks, get used to it" moments, especially from the system. Personal balancing opinion: There could be some tweaks there probably; thing I disagree with is the entire handicap persisting after a successful assault - after all, if an assault succeeded, then the core imbalance issue was successfully mitigated (access to VoA is granted) and thank you, that's all the system needs to do to not lock out a faction. Too much assistance for either side can feel like taking player agency away, especially assistance in defending.
  2. Rozenkranc

    Arena Season 5: Information

    Pin this topic, pretty please?
  3. This reads like a very convoluted way to say "HEY HORDE, YOU SUCK". Due to people rolling for optimal racials in hope that it will make them literal gods (spoiler: it won't), Alliance has overabundance of Gladiator-wannabes, and Horde has a lot more PvE-focused players. Also I have a pet theory that almost every geared Ally 80 got half of honor gear's worth in server's first Alterac Valley call to arms on 70-79, because Horde agreed to turbo-lose consecutive Battlegrounds just to get 100k exp per each, funneling wagonloads of honor to Alliance side.
  4. Rozenkranc

    XP Turn off for losses

    This entire situation is a result of not separating queues for twinks and levelling people, as it should be on this patch. In result, the outcome is already known before bg even begins - the side with twinks wins every time unless all twinks simultaneously quit or something equally unlikely happens, making the game feel pointless. I am aware that in past the queue was intentionally non-separated due to a (imo flawed) argument that "if there are no twinks, there will be no BGs at all". To which I raise answer, current situation is arguably worse from leveller's PoV than no BGs at all. There is very much enough people to fuel levelling battlegrounds without twinks, and keeping twinks with them increasingly discourages levellers from participation.
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