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  1. Rozenkranc

    Report hackers in arena

    Ye it bugs out sometimes, but especially on Dalaran Arena and with Gnome models - sometimes they just disappear completely and you only see the red ring under a character if you have them on target, the glitched teleport-like movement is also the same thing.
  2. Rozenkranc

    Server issues, status of PVP, lack of GM.

    From a very mage-centric point of view... Is the custom delay really necessary, and if it is, should it be that high? Double CC happens almost on demand, I wasted countless Counterspells trying to stop things that went off anyway (I get feared/HoJ'd/cycloned/anythingelse'd despite enemy being silenced), isn't it supposed to be a somewhat rare occurence?
  3. Rozenkranc

    Auction Undercutting

    Eh, I think you're trying to disjoint something that can't be disjointed. Theoretically, if I had literally no other information, then yes, I would also put my stuff 1c below next person. But considering everything else, that probably most of these glyphs will never be needed for anyone, and that I already tried selling glyphs expensively? (tip: it worked only at the beginning of the server, when I had one evening as the sole owner of Bestial Wrath glyph recipe) Market is probably oversaturated with them, and it doesn't really matter whether they sit at 90g and nobody buys them, or they sit at 90s and nobody buys them anyway.
  4. Rozenkranc

    Auction Undercutting

    This is true mostly for glyphs that are a) used to skill up Inscription, b) not very useful, c) both at once. Inscription is really popular because it's easy to level and you can get your own shoulder enchant, skipping Sons of Hodir grind. It's not really unexpected that it's difficult to make money effortlessly with it, considering that most people don't change their glyphs a lot, so it's a one-time buy for them.
  5. Are Ele, Arcane or Balance warlock specs, though?
  6. Rozenkranc

    Reduced Gold?

    It's not reduced, but it's not increased while experience is, so raw income from solo gameplay is not proportional to levelling pace. You have to use AH to sustain yourself or grind green/gray mobs.
  7. Disagree, it's the exact opposite - it would make the most sense to separate queues by default from the very beginning, because of the highest number of levelling people - then people would get used to fact that you can, in fact, play BGs without twinks while levelling and it's not pointless to try. I'd argue that the change was made way too late anyway, and its effects won't be as good because now the mentality's broken already (people still don't want to try to play, but queue anyway) and has to be fixed, maybe with time, or with actions. As it is now, you expect immediate results from an action which effects have to grow on people. Also: Choose one, or (even better) stop "setting rules" on a public thread.
  8. Xil, do I have to spell it out what you are implying all the time? Twinks on one hand don't want levellers, but on the other actually need them? Well too bad, because levellers don't need twinks, and don't want them. Twinking is a niche playstyle, one that has no real future on private servers just because of the scale. There's just too few people interested in twinking, like in 5v5 arenas, and you get no new content forever, so basically you already have everything you could ever get. It just doesn't work in that scale and creates degenerate situations. I'm truly amazed that you were given open bracket for YEARS on Sunwell realms. Let me spell this out then. Twinks are WILLINGLY AND BY THEMSELVES limiting their player pool to a dead-server size on a fresh realm. Nobody forces them to stop at this particular place, and they all should be realizing that there's few of them compared to server population. You could say that by doing so, they value the 79 experience more than a wide player base. And then your argument is that they have no players? That's almost funny. The game is designed around level 80, vast majority of players will want to hit 80, and the only noticeable impact twinks have on lvl80 community is bad taste after trying to level up through BGs. People don't put time and effort into optimally gearing their pre-80 characters, because they don't plan to stay there, so time spent optimizing for 70-79 would be time wasted. So yes, technically twinks spent more time and effort than levellers, because they spent any time doing so. I fail to see any particular achievement in it - yes, you are well prepared to bully people who don't even care, congratulations. As for caring about the issue at all... maybe ask administration? It's not a player-created topic, it's literally an official vote started by the higher-ups themselves, so stop trying to invalidate any discussion.
  9. Why yes, it is a place to level, otherwise there would be no BGs before 80. See, you try to turn everything around, for example someone before said about this poll: think about what you want to achieve and then present something ... 50 people on the forum decide on the whole bracket? To which I answer: why should a minority group named twinks decide how an entire bracket is supposed to be played? Are you owners of the bracket and have the right to do with it as you please? If queues will be separated, you will get a bracket without PvE gamers and levellers, so WHY ARE YOU OPPOSING?
  10. @Ajax I think you're going a bit too far. AFKers and Twinks are two separate problems in a way, but one fuels another - the Horde just throw BGs because they have no chance, and I bet that some Alliance actually stopped their xp just because they have ~100% winrate and can farm honor. I don't see a way to measure how much of an influence twinks are in converting people into afkers, but it is, IMO, a legitimate hypothesis. If it is like you say, and AFKing is mostly born from pure calculation that throws ephemeral concepts like "fun" and "consideration for experience of others" out of the window, then cutting twinks won't change much, and this discussion will head into much more teleological territory - why do we play the game in the first place, what is our goal, what is fun and why it is fun? I think we're not at that point yet, and if twinks actually are the main influence, then further steps might not be needed; after all, if you remove twinks from equation, then taking random levelers should result sometimes in Alliance AFKing because they had no chance, which never happens currently. Only one side is beaten into submission, so potential observations are skewed.
  11. Rozenkranc

    Twinking 79

    https://imgur.com/S8PmmGr This is clearly how balance looks like, right? BTW Nobody was saying the imbalance is your personal fault, yet you still have to insist that someone has, and that you are actually not responsible for it, that's borderline trolling, but... whatever. Given the context of alliance adamantly fighting against any form of horde participation in this bracket, your advice sounds asinine, almost like Boomer Advice™. "Got mine, f**k you" mentality. (BTW twinks are still not separated from levellers, plz fix this bug).
  12. Rozenkranc

    Can we end the Alliance advantages in WG?

    SOME kind of balancing system has to exist, though (and we both know that Tenacity is more of a symbolic help, as numbers advantage greatly outclasses individual buffs). You can't reasonably expect people to suck up being locked out of a raid just because they liked Night Elf more on the character creation screen. We don't play video games to experience "life sucks, get used to it" moments, especially from the system. Personal balancing opinion: There could be some tweaks there probably; thing I disagree with is the entire handicap persisting after a successful assault - after all, if an assault succeeded, then the core imbalance issue was successfully mitigated (access to VoA is granted) and thank you, that's all the system needs to do to not lock out a faction. Too much assistance for either side can feel like taking player agency away, especially assistance in defending.
  13. Rozenkranc

    Arena Season 5: Information & Rewards

    Pin this topic, pretty please?
  14. This reads like a very convoluted way to say "HEY HORDE, YOU SUCK". Due to people rolling for optimal racials in hope that it will make them literal gods (spoiler: it won't), Alliance has overabundance of Gladiator-wannabes, and Horde has a lot more PvE-focused players. Also I have a pet theory that almost every geared Ally 80 got half of honor gear's worth in server's first Alterac Valley call to arms on 70-79, because Horde agreed to turbo-lose consecutive Battlegrounds just to get 100k exp per each, funneling wagonloads of honor to Alliance side.
  15. Rozenkranc

    XP Turn off for losses

    This entire situation is a result of not separating queues for twinks and levelling people, as it should be on this patch. In result, the outcome is already known before bg even begins - the side with twinks wins every time unless all twinks simultaneously quit or something equally unlikely happens, making the game feel pointless. I am aware that in past the queue was intentionally non-separated due to a (imo flawed) argument that "if there are no twinks, there will be no BGs at all". To which I raise answer, current situation is arguably worse from leveller's PoV than no BGs at all. There is very much enough people to fuel levelling battlegrounds without twinks, and keeping twinks with them increasingly discourages levellers from participation.
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