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  1. Your name - BeatrizReported player's name - Berkecan Date - 09/15/2020Rule that was broken - Ninja LootDescription - Afeter killing Twins val'kyries on Trial of Crusader 25 Heroic mode. Raid leader started the iten's for loot, when he made roll for Death's Choice (HC). The player Ninosodomia (DK) won it with a 99 roll. But leader kept trinket for himself (See screenshot). After 10 minutes of discurssion, no trade to Ninosodamia was made, actually, some playes said in the raid that Berkecan pass the item to his guild mate Saintsnow. The trinket was never confirmed be on Ninosodomia, so this was a ninja loot issue! (Check screenshots)Evidence -
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