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    List of ninja-looters...

    And those are just the one who are "convicted" like i said previously read any reports and you will see what ppl consider "ninja".
  2. Inyu

    List of ninja-looters...

    DId you ever read any reports? Scrennshots have to be unedited and you cant make a screenshot look like its was made ingame with MSpaint, except maybe with so much time investment that you deserve to scam someone. On that screenshot you could see raidframes, chats and many other things. And after those 23 ppl were invited one of them could ask for lootrules if they are interested. Then take the screenshot and all is fine even if the raidleader has a screenshot with those "very restrictive self beneficial loot rules" as they were just 2 ppl in the raid. Its just that ppl fail to be smart.
  3. Inyu

    List of ninja-looters...

    A Raid-leader could post the lootrules and screenshot them himself?
  4. Inyu

    Friend bought x4 boost on wrong account

    You can still gift another account the items so it doesn't really matter if the coins are on another acc. Just proceed like you normally would but before you check out select the items/boost as a gift. After that enter the players name you want to gift the item too.
  5. the x4 xp is not something you need you can even level without it, its just qol and you dont need as much time to get to max lvl. As for their intentions they said them in discord. Their server infrastructure can't handle many more ppl so to reduce the huge rush at the server, they made that decision.
  6. Your name Leala Reported player's name Yousayso, Ifritis Date 10.03.2018 Rule that was broken 23. Ninjalooting is not allowed. Description I won the roll on cloth haste spirit bracers and after the roll was over talking about not giving it to me cause im a druid and there could drop better ones for me. But that was after the roll was over which stated ms>os and they got the same stats just cloth. After i asked Ifrits to give them to me he dodged the question. Evidence https://imgur.com/a/8Yyyn Edit: Both are from the guild "KILL ALL" Edit2: @Vnu anytime this will be handled its over 1 week old?
  7. Inyu

    Unblizzlike Droprates of Black Pearls

    I opened ~20 and got 2 black pearls and 1 golden pearl....
  8. Well telling people to "just play and let us work" could also have been an answer to the hordes who cried for boosts...
  9. Inyu

    Releasing of PvE and PvP seasons

    The lvling or questing experience for all alliance players is horrible because there are so many horde players even if alliance has some gear they cant fight vs 3 all time. So i take your suggestion and we should limit the horde players on the server so there wont be more horde than alliance online at any given time.
  10. The people with the childish behavior are guys like you. Crying to get out of the "poorly designed" dungeon you yourself signed up for, just to maximize your fun in the game. Guess what there is a tab in the rdf where you can select to sign up for a specific dungeon, even multiple selections are possible. So if you want to run a specific dungeon, there's your option to do it. P.S. If you didn't notice already this way you can even check which dungeons are in the random pool.
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