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  1. My name : trollscythe Reported Players: Evanns , Fullcleave Date: 7/12/2019 Rules that were broken: Ninja looting and discretely trading items inguild. Description: So Evanns stated in our icc 25 run last night that it would be MS > OS > DE. He also placed restrictions on certain classes to roll on deathbringers will such as assassination rogues, beast master hunters not rolling. Now that made Fullcleave, Trollscythe , and Shakaw the only eligible people to roll on the trinket. So Deathbringers will drops, and Evanns states he will roll the trinket at the end of the raid to prevent players from leaving which is fine. Come the end of the raid, we rolled on the trinket, however when inspecting Fullcleave he was already wearing deathbringers will and is unable to equip a 2nd. Therefore his roll should not be eligible. He ended up winning the roll, and gave the item to Shakaw even tho i was the next highest roll on the item. Main spec implies its your main spec and are able to equip the item. Fullcleave can't equip 2 of the trinket therefore its a ninja on his part, and Evanns trading the item to someone with a lesser roll as they are all guildies is bullshit. As the item was held by Evanns theres no possible way to show he traded or looted the item to shakaw. But upon armorying both players, I don't see how both can have it in their inventory when only 1 trinket dropped. Fullcleave can still be seeing wearing his deathbringers will on armory, where as upon whispering Shakaw, he has taken his off. Please check your server logs to confirm this. I used to be a GM on another server, and I'm aware such things exist. By not responding or punishing players for doing this implies guild members can ninja items legitly without punishment. This is also a reason why alot of members are leaving your server.
  2. Shadoweave

    [Report - Ninja looter] Palada

    Your name - PalplegicReported player's name - PaladaDate - july 9th 2019Rule that was broken - ninja lootingDescription - Palada gave mobane Flowing Robes of Ascent when he had lost the roll. The entire raid said this was wrong and disbanded after the ninja loot occured. Evidence - https://imgur.com/a/apvdQMl that screenshot shows the rolls, but couldn't capture it being looted as there was alot of spam that occured and pushed it off my chat history.
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