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  1. honestly, selling dual spec tor real money is very worrying. Its pretty much p2w. Stick to selling xp boosts and low level characters/ items If you start selling anything else that affects endgame pvp/pve (like dual spec) you are going to ruin the server. Don't forget you have competitions that possibly wont do any of that shit. even better, forget dual spec and stick to as close to blizzlike as possible
  2. boombar

    Rediculously slow spawn rates

    There is way too much competition for the majority of the quests in northrend. In peek time, leveling in wrath zones is nearly impossible. Every quest that takes 3-5 min on retail, takes 10-20 min here. That is not because of how faceroll retail has become. Its because spawn rates of quest related items, mobs, minibosses etc on this server are designed for much smaller realm. When there is 10 + players on a same quest, everything related to that quest needs to spawn pretty much instantly, otherwise camping and frustration(in my case) is inevitable.
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