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  1. Drooweed


    good, i'll camp you more. next time choose alliance side, u horde trash
  2. as i said admins are horde fanboys. screw you all horde noobs, i will kill every dirty stinky kek on this server
  3. lol, when horde twinks on angrathar completly dominated 70-79 bracket you didn't see any problem, but when ally is geting better on this realm you immediately react. maybe check 80lvl bracket to see how horde stomping on us in every bg, you horde fanboys
  4. Drooweed

    [Ninjalooting] Skadastopcry

    Your name - Rei Reported player's name - Skadastopcry Date - 12.12.2019 Rule that was broken - win roll for offspec Description - raid lider frost dk rolled polearm for unh offspec (he didn't even had dual talents). there was normal pug loot rules MS>OFF, he didn't say anything about rolling for offspec Evidence - Raid ID: 19401 EoE 10
  5. Drooweed

    Hunters disarm not working

    it have 1 min cd u know?
  6. Drooweed

    Pet gone

    i have the same problem. any solution?
  7. Drooweed

    Język polski na raidach.

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