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  1. Crysis

    Forgot log in information

    Hello there! Please, PM me via Facebook/Discord/Forums. The fastest way would be Discord. Regards.
  2. Crysis

    Nowy sunwell

    Wydaje mi się, że sama ta gra polega na czymś więcej niż na wymaxowaniu postaci, altów i chwaleniu się tym na schodach w Dalaranie, bo rozumiem że pijesz do tego, iż otwieramy nowy realm, gdy kończy się end game content. Pomijam już, że mamy plany związane z Angratharem, by nie zginął śmiercią naturalną. Kiedy ja zaczynałem grać w WoW to celem nie było "wygranie gry" (a MMO można w ogóle wygrać?), ale spędzanie czasu ze znajomymi w grze, którą uwielbiam. W każdym aspekcie. Levelowanie, farmienie, progress PvE, PvP, Role-Play i cała masa różnych innych rzeczy. I wierz mi, znajdzie się wiele osób, które wybiorą ten - jak to nazwałeś - "przybytek żalu". Temat zamykam, a jak będziesz miał ochotę pogadać na troszkę wyższym poziomie niż to, co zaprezentowałeś tym postem - zapraszam na priv na Discordzie chociażby. Pozdrawiam.
  3. As promised, we've created a summary of every feature you could hear about yesterday. We've prepared a poll for you, which you can find HERE! 👇👇👇 1. SERVER RELEASE DATE 16.11.2019. 2. SERVER RATES We were planning to do 1-68 x2 and 68-80 x1, but we're open to suggestions. Changed to 1-68 x3 and 68-80 x2. Addtionally, every finished random dungeon and battleground on 68-80 bracket will award 25% more experience! 3. CROSSREALM As we can see, this feature is the most confusing for you. The first thing you must know: IT'S NOT GOING TO BE AVAILABLE FROM START. We want to release it when we'll optimize balance. Angrathar will be supported. Crossrealm will work on: RDF including trading items looted from dungeon, Battlegrounds, Whispers and friends system. We are aware of your doubts and we'll prevent situations, where heavy-geared players fight against lowbies. We are working on some scaling system anyway. 4. MYTHIC+ DUNGEONS Firstly, Mythic+ dungeons will be based on WotLK dungeons you all know. They will not interfere in gameplay, we want to make it fully optional and seasonal content. We don't know yet, how long each season is going to stay tho. We are going to make competition of Mythic+ system, with ranking on website and rewards for the best players. Additional loot from them will containt mostly pets, mounts, comsumables, gems etc, but it's possible that some other stuff will be added. More specifics soon! 5. TIMEWALKING RAIDS Between every official raid, we're going to release buffed legacy raids from Vanilla and TBC. We can't say for now, which encounters we'll pick and how much of them we can create, it depends on how much time we can spend for it. 6. LANGUAGE Frosthold will be fully international. That means that website, forums and fanpage will be led in english language only. In game we are not going to punish anyone speaking different languages tho in all chats, but /global. Again we ask you for reasonable behaviour, cause we understand that polish guilds are going to look for polish players for example. We don't want to watch wars between people from different countries, so be kind and patient. 7. WEBSITE Website is going to have its layuot fully refreshed and we plan to add some upgrades to it like: GM Panel, Auto changelog, Raid bosses' statistics, Talents implemented to armory, Talent calculator, Account recovery based on e-mail. 8. SUNWELL COINS Frosthold is going to have its own points you could spend in our shop. What's important? You'll be able to earn it in game! 9. PvP PvP is separate question. We come with an idea of reviving World PvP via old PvP events: Eastern Plaguelands: A Game of Towers, Silithus: The Silithyst Must Flow, Hellfire Peninsula: Hellfire Fortifications, Zangarmarsh: Twin Spire Battle, Terokkar Forest: Spirits of Auchindoun, Nagrand: Battle for Haala, What's more, we'll try to create our first custom Battleground, if time lets us. We have plenty of your suggestions about arena system though. Our team will try to use them as much as we can. 10. RAID BOOSTS Naxxramas shall be boosted for sure and it will. Rest of them depend on you guys. Check out our survey. 11. RAF and XP boosts All XP boosts will be unavailable until every race, class and profession Realm Firsts are achieved. 12. MOP After Frosthold release we are going to move some developers to Mists of Pandaria. You must understand that we are creating MoP from its basics, from complete null. 13. OTHERS You will be able to use your old accounts on Frosthold RDF will be on from the beginning Ninja Looting will be prohibited Transmogs will be on from start Sunwell Mobile App Black market will be closed after Frosthold's release, time shows if we'll make it on again That's all for now, folks. Don't hesitate and give us a nice feedback through the survey! Regards.
  4. Hello there, Short video (CLICK) has appeared on our Youtube channel and Facebook, announcing creation of our fresh realm. We are not going to reveal any details yet. You will learn everything during our live Q&A (CLICK) that will take place on 28.09.2019 at 7.00 PM. Regards!
  5. Crysis

    Problem z instalacją gry

    No i cxy uruchamiasz grę przez Wow.exe?
  6. Crysis

    Problem z instalacją gry

    Witaj. Używasz proxy?
  7. Crysis

    being racist after being warned

    Should it bother me that you felt THAT offended? You both were offensive to each other so you received the same penalty. Even these screenshots are enough for me. Regards.
  8. About MoP- we are working on it. It takes time to script everything from basics.
  9. Crysis

    being racist after being warned

    Mutes for both. And warn for Noturogue. Regards.
  10. Crysis

    Hellforge Release

    Hello Sunwell! Almost 5 months ago, you could've hear rumors about our first custom raid - Hellforge. After weeks of hard work we can finally reveal to You more details. Make yourself comfortable, open a beer and let's roll. "People have used to call me The Wanderer. In my world... I was once a great warrior, just like you." Hellforge is 10-man adventure, split into two parts. During the raid, we follow The Wanderer - NPC we've already met in Dalaran. He is the one leading us in our journey through the halls of Hellforge, which we enter by a portal under Wyrmrest Temple, next to Ruby Sanctum and Obsidian Sanctum. But before we take Hellforge objective, we must finish chain-quest from our guide in Dalaran. Adventure contents 6 different encounters, each intended to be more difficult than previous one. We are not going to reveal mechanics or tactics, cause we want you to discover them by yourselves - for common joy. During your journey through Hellforge depths, you will meet "few" trash, not too big to take time, but adequate enough to avoid feeling of emptiness in dungeon. Mechanics are going to be similar to Faction Champions encounter and loot from trash mobs will be the same as in ICC trash, with chance to drop pets available in shop. Encounters: I. Phyrrocoris II. Prophet of Slythe III. Simon IV. ??????? V. The Black Witch VI. ???????* *IV and VI bosses are both surprise for you. We won't reveal their names. Loot from bosses will be based on items from Shop + Emblems of Frost (3 per boss and 5 from last boss). See you 14.08.2019 at 7.00 PM GMT+1 on Angrathar! #staysun #sunwell #angrathar #hellforge2019 #summer2019
  11. Crysis

    why servers dying

    You're leaving cause we didn't let you break our Terms of Service? I am sorry, but it's 100% funny, what you are saying right now.
  12. Crysis

    [Xerkres] (Banned by Azathothh)

    I received like 5 report in game and via Discord. In 5 minutes. I fully agree with Azathothh.
  13. Crysis

    Save the Sunwell

    Classic won't make a big difference imo.
  14. Crysis

    Reset Angrathar

    Watch Your language, please.
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