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  1. Eaglesring

    Separathed RS ID

    Hello, i have one questions for GMs. Did u think about separathed RS IDs ? So we could be able to do RS25nm+ RS25hc in the same week 😮 Thanks for answer 😮 Cheers !
  2. Eaglesring

    Trade and LFG Chat

    Hello, i think you should block sentences with WTS / WTB / LFG /LFM in global chat to force people to start using your chats properly so we would be able to leave global chat Just everytime when some type some sentece with WTS/WTB/LFG or LFM this sentence will not appear in global and that person should get some server message to use trade or LFG chat And also dont let ppl spam in trade /lfg chat like in global one , thanks 😮
  3. Eaglesring

    Reset Angrathar

    Well its summer + hard ICC And server reset will not help at all becuase ICC will be even harder for guilds (no gear) Server reset is good for server where are almost everyone clearing ICC + RS in 3 hours and 75% of population have 5+ alts with 6,4k GS.....
  4. Eaglesring

    Reset Angrathar

    And why are everyone so excited about that Dragonblyat server .... Ye population drop a little bit indeed but its becuase of summer... Dragonblyat should have some population hype atm cos ,,its fresh server ,, but it have +- same population like sunwell already ... it will die like echoes
  5. Eaglesring

    Reset Angrathar

    And then someone else make new wotlk server and those ppl like u will move to the new one again
  6. Eaglesring

    Reset Angrathar

    Why would u reset server where is only one guild killing LK ?? CMON Server reset would be good idea with 7-8 guilds which are actually farming everything and people are starting leaving server becuase they did just everything ... but thats exactly the opposite of our problem People arent leaving becuase they did everything on this server but becuase its too hard for them ... Same s*** happend on Echoes ... People are not changing.. Most of the guilds are playing on this server like 1 year already and they are still are progressing sindy, PP not talking about RS ye which is really slow progress... What do u think will happened if they actually reset this server?? They will be even more f***** up after reset cos no gear ! It will not help them . Most of them will not even start exping probably becuase they know that they will be stuck again. Server reset will slow downs everything .... and as i said this server is really slow even now So once again i think they should add ICC buff to help these guilds otherwise most of them will die during Summer ... and server reset is not solution but ,,murder,, !
  7. Eaglesring

    Reset Angrathar

    If they reset the server even more ppl will leave cos of leveling on x1 server ... They just should add ICC buff to 25hc so this guild which are doing 8-11/12 would be able to kill LK. Or they should make atleast x4 exp
  8. Eaglesring

    ICC buff in 25hc

    I mean .... It will be deffinitly easier but still it will be challange for most of the guilds And ye if it will be too easy for some guild that guild can easily disable that debuff
  9. Eaglesring

    ICC buff in 25hc

    Well, i have nothing againts progession but 80% of ppl are just playing this game for gear ..... I saw drop population from 1k to 300 after summer and i dont wanna see it again ... This server lost some ppl already and it can be even worse when ppl get bored from progression especially on summer which is the hardest part of the year for guild. I really understand you i was same like you on the previously server but as i said ... i was wrong and this server is dead now
  10. Eaglesring

    ICC buff in 25hc

    Hey, I wanna say my opinion. I think u should add 10% ICC buff to 25HC also. Why ? Only one guild is clearing 12/12 and thats really bad for server. I was in one server which get a really good scripts but it become really hard for a lot of guilds so they left a server and that server died becuase of it... And i think this could happend here also during this Summer. Ppl are inactive even more during summer so it will become even harder for guilds so they just decide to stop playing here. I know that a lot of ppl will not like that ... I was like you on my old server ,,HC should be hard,, etc....I was againts to increasing buff but that server died on Summer so i was wrong SUMMER IS COMING!
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