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    Save the Sunwell

    It probably will be doing more harm to vanilla private servers but I'm sure that many private servers will notice it, maybe not on a greater scale but on smaller scales like guild level perhaps. We'll see though, maybe people will have time to play both (mainly talking about the launch, once people who actually don't like Classic go back to where they came from it will probably stabilize). Regardless, will be interesting to see!
  2. Hansrutger

    Save the Sunwell

    Playing anywhere is a waste of time. WoW Classic will most likely shake a lot. I am not saying that everyone and their grandma's are going to play Classic, but I know a lot of players around me that will do so, both from retail and from private servers. Best is to see how Classic plays out on the private server sector. It is absolutely no reason to find a new home at this state because everything might change. It is better to join a newly open private server AFTER a certain time Classic has been out, because Classic WILL have a lot of players at start, but those numbers will fade most likely rather fast within a few months and only those who actually want to play Classic because of the fact that it is Classic will stay. Conclusion: Enjoy your stay on Sunwell until this next few months plays themselves out naturally.
  3. Hansrutger

    Reset Angrathar

    No, I have invested time into my character, and just because I came on too late it should all be gone? The moment they reset the server it's much better, for me, to play shitty retail. Because there gear resets every new patch (because you farm new gear) but at least my progression on my character is still there and I don't have to level again to max level on the characters for the next two years (new expansion release). This should be considered when the realm has very low amount of players. People know Sunwell as a community so if Sunwell opens a new realm, resets or whatever within the next 3 years (randomly predicted number), people will know about it and people will talk about it. Also let's see how WoW Classic will affect not only Sunwell but all private servers first before resetting. You do not want to compete with WoW Classic release, that would be a stupid fight to take. Even I who hate leveling would most likely choose classic over Sunwell/any wotlk private server, and I really hate leveling, if I had to restart on all alternatives given. Resetting would just give a lot of players more reason to go to Classic.
  4. Hansrutger

    Cross-Faction Dungeon Finder poll

    Not certain what to vote, anyone can shed some light on their point of view on things?
  5. Hansrutger

    ICC buff in 25hc

    It doesn't really matter because the result is the same anyways. Too hard -> players leave Too easy -> players get gear and eventually end up leaving Speaking from what I've seen on servers. Again we don't want the first one either so maybe buff it slightly and keep it like that? Also I noticed that this server has higher boss HP values for some reason? Maybe that's why, it becomes really gear dependent.
  6. Hansrutger

    XP Boost Question

    Hello there! I am new to this community so I hope you don't mind the question. How do I know when the XP boost is active (3x one), does it occur every weekend or are there specific weekends this is active? I noticed that while leveling yesterday I received a lot more XP than the quests stated I would in the quest log. Cheers!
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