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  1. As seen in the screenshot, Alliance flying path gryphon in Ratchet kills players. This happened to me more than once over the last weeks. After it kills Horde gryphon and players around it disappears, after a couple of seconds respawns. I guess it happens when an Ally player flies here. Or maybe it is triggered when Moonglade flight path is used. I'm really not sure, I don't have a high level char yet.
  2. origamania

    Disable pet sound option not working

    Hey there, I've searched the forums but couldn't find this issue. I believe un-checking "Enable Pet Sounds" option under Sound section doesn't do anything. I still hear the annoying idle sound of my hunter pet every second or so. Restarted the game a couple of times after changing it too. I also tried replacing the specific sound file but failed. And couldn't find a 3.3.5 version addon for it. Is there anything you can do about it?
  3. origamania

    Can't login (stuck at connected). Probably DDoS attack

    Good morning, same issue today. Server is down and this time a user named @DOLREWHYPO150 is spamming the forums. Not sure if it is related though.
  4. origamania

    Can't login (stuck at connected). Probably DDoS attack

    Fixed, thanks a lot.
  5. Hi, for about an hour I can't login to any server. It is stuck at "Connected" message. I also cannot create a new account. I noticed since the last hour, a user called @rubykristen is spamming the forums. I am guessing we may be under a DDoS attack.
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