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  1. Your name - Gnomedalf Reported player's name - CCzechu, Sejkii Date - 7.10.2019 Rule that was broken - Speaking non-english in Global Description - Speaking non-english in Global Evidence -
  2. Paks

    [Report] Tsarran

    Your name - Gnomedalf Reported player's name - Tsarran Date - 14.9.2019 Rule that was broken - Speaking non-english in RDF chat Description - Speaking non-english in RDF chat Evidence - But Rozo was a bro and just answered the guy to inform him that it was indeed he who fucked up by engaging anub too soon and trapping the healer outside. Tsa started talking polespeak. I beg mercy for Rozo if possible!
  3. Paks

    [Report] Stivii

    Your name - PaksReported player's name - StiviiDate - 20..6.2019Rule that was broken - English only public chatsDescription - This player was speaking polish in dungeon chat when I asked him why he needs on lowbie shit he doesn't actually need since he's 5.5k GS, he then laughed and left the dung but that ain't pertinent so no SS. Evidence -
  4. Paks

    [REPORT] Meen

    Your name - Ruge Reported player's name - Meen Date - 3.6.2019 Rule that was broken - Using a quest machine to kill players Description - Meen swooped in while I was doing the quest, sat on another turrent and killed me on my turrent then killed me again when I respawned Evidence - Screenshot down below.
  5. Paks

    [REPORT] Perskele

    Your name - Paks Reported player's name - Perskele Date - 3.6.2019 Rule that was broken - Bad behavior, dirty language Description - After a wipe, he wanted to be kicked from the group and left the dung until his demands were met, after I told him to stop acting a fool he used a homophobic slur/insult. My comment on "There's always one faggot in hor?" was a reference to how he, and various others in this specific dungeon over the passing months, were acting. Evidence - See Perskele's picture I would like to report this player for using the homophobic slur "butthurt" (when refusing to leave a dungeon on his own or come back to it, because he didn't want to do this rdf) If calling someone a faggot when you mean that someone's acting in a crappy manner is homophobic, then surely calling someone butthurt (meaning he got fucked in the ass, making them either gay or the victims of an assault, as if it's an insult) is also homophobic/insensitive to victims of butt-abuse, and an insult, since he does not care about context. I propose you punish both of us or neither. Though personally I think being a dick and holding an entire RDF group hostage is the bigger issue, here, and hopefully Perskele learns to take some responsibility for his decisions, even in the game world, instead of crying to daddy when he faces some backlash for his own crappy behaviour. And as you can see from his picture, I did ignore him and left it at that. Seems like he didn't want to, though. And to state again: I am more than happy to receive the punishment for insulting; I just hope we are treated equally and both get punished. In relation to this: https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/8792-report-paks/ Also my picture to prove it's really me:
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