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  1. Bioniczny

    Coming from a break

    Hi, atm there is no way to transfer character from Angrathar to Frosthold. My quess is that this will be available once icc 25 hc will be cleared on Frosthold (the same way as it was done sith Sunwell --> Angrathar transfers), but for this to happen we will have to wait a little bit longer as there will be ToC content available at then end of June.
  2. Bioniczny

    Transfer from Angrathar

    Bad idea. I agree with the fact the some ppl lost a will to play or rather start all Over agian (i am such a person) and yes i am waiting for transfers as well but not in a form presented by you. If anything Please do the same action as it was done with sunwell —- angrathar, meaning enable transfers with all gear on character once icc 25 hc Will be cleared.
  3. Bioniczny

    Server Transfer From Angrathar to Frosthold

    Well, I believe that transfers will be available once icc will be cleared on Frosthold.
  4. Bioniczny

    Save the Sunwell

    Ye and what else? ;p Maybe place somewhere NPC's with free gear/mounts etc. cus there's also no sense to farm these on this 10year old content .... And now seriously, wotlk will die anyway no matter what will be done to it bcus of endgame content and nothing else to do ... Love&Peace, AhegaoSensei
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