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  1. Crossfaction BG bugged gladius on Feronis if i remember correctly
  2. Riw

    Angrathar - Important News

    Hi, I think Ill wait some time for trasnfer than. Or I can transfer, and than delete tranferred char on angra and transfer again?
  3. You can get bis gear for PvE playing PvE. You can NOT get bis gear for PvP playing PvP. I can not explain it easier. If you do not understand, I'm afraid it's not my fault.
  4. No, if you PvE only you can be bis geared just playing PvE, you can have all items, this not requires any PvP at all.
  5. I dont think pve noob players would get to 2100 rate. The rating requirements can be increased or decreased. How many teams came to such a rating last season? 5-10%? Maybe GM has accurate data. In my opinion it is much more likely that this noob player will get dbw or wfs on lucky roll in ICC. I have seen it many times. And yes, pve for some ppl (me ie) is boring as hell. However, the mechanics of the game force me to play pve to be competitive in pvp. For me spending 4-5 hours in ICC is pain in the (_!_). The same 4-5 hours on BG is gold.
  6. Kek who sayd something about paying rl money? Did you read what i wrote? I dont think so.
  7. Hello, I believe that the balance between PvP and PvE in 3.3.5a has always been unfair. Why? To play PvP and gear bis its not enough to have 3k in 3v3. You also need to have PvE trinkets, such as DBW, Solace, Buble, WFS etc. On the other hand, no PvP items will help in murdering Lich King. That's why I suggest adding this type of trinkets to the PvP store. Normal versions for 2100 rate in 2v2 and 2370 AP. Heroic versions for 2100 rate in 3v3 and 3550 AP. This will make them hard to optain, balanced and well fitting. Changing the season is the right moment. Thank you, Riw
  8. Riw

    Angrathar - Important News

    As usual, someone opened a new server and people rushed like a herd of monkeys. Because Naxx, Because Uldu, because this time it will be different. And this is like communism, it always ends the same way. How many times have I seen it... Yes, make haste becouse now playing on Feronis is pointless, and i want to play some juicy battleground and kick some ass of my old guild (they are horde scum now, pfu!).
  9. Riw

    Angrathar - Important News

    Well, that's clever move! However, I remain unconvinced. The reason is that if we only transfer gold, then the prices of items should actually change significantly. So I think that the transfer of the gold itself, even in the amount of 1k, but without BoE items is bad. If we transfer gold AND items, it seems to me that it should be done without major shocks. I can be wrong, someone with economic education should settle this dispute. Thank You!
  10. Riw

    Angrathar - Important News

    Dear Administrators, I have some comments on these points: Up to 1000 gold can be transferred. If the character has more than 1000 Gold, the excess gold will be removed. Only Soulbound items, Bags and Quest Items will be moved, rest of items will not. Currency will be removed: Emblems, Badges, Arena Points, Honor Points, Stone Keeper's Shards, Wintergrasp Marks of Honor etc. A simple question: why do you want to delete it? Does it really make a difference? Another simple question: what will the player who has 100k + gold do? (for example, me?) Answer: He will create 100 characters of 1k gold each. What for? Why do not you just move this gold? Is this so much of a technical problem? I also want to draw the attention of the administration to the arena table on Feronis, because I think there is something very wrong with it. Thank you, Riw aka Riwer
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