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  1. Dalune

    being racist after being warned

    did you actually go into the game logs and read the raid chat for that wg that led up to all of that? or did you just ban us both because of this thread? either way, last time i pay into this server. paymane for me >:0
  2. Dalune

    being racist after being warned

    i was only on for about 5-10 mins of wg today, and in fact havent been playing wow for over a month now, so how can i be toxic for several months when i havent logged on?? please just read the logs admins.
  3. Anyone know when or if we are having another?
  4. Dalune

    Scripters :/

    Kuzniak is Scripting. Fix this pls
  5. Dalune

    report language

    Talking the jibberish in global
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