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  1. lindbow

    ninja and kick in dung

    They were speaking polish aswell, so why should I?
  2. lindbow

    ninja and kick in dung

    I was just doing a rdf for exp, and got those mates in team. After we killed boss - the loot was cape, attached on screen. ALL of the mates needed it - including mage, who won it. After i asked, why he needed it, cause it was for tank - me, I got kicked from party. Wtf?
  3. lindbow

    Angrathar - Important News

    I want only send this Pic .
  4. lindbow

    Ninja Report

    Welcome my friend. This raid has group loot on last boss droped staff [Peridation] this item is for mage . I told u i want try play with staves so i have right to need this. Look on screen when i told u "I want try dps with staves"
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