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  1. BananArcanelol

    Reset Angrathar

    Ur an idiot.
  2. BananArcanelol

    Angrathar - Important News

    Exactly give us some info about it lol... They don't provide any information they don't care about us players!
  3. BananArcanelol

    Whats happening with sunwell?

    Everyday i see less people then 3 month ago? Whats wrong? Nowdays we have 1,5k - 2k... few month before it was 5k online... whats wrong??
  4. BananArcanelol

    Arena seazon.

    So first question because noone mention about the ARENA POINTS will they be also reseted within the seazon? and secound question is WHEN is the total official reset of ratings and stuff.
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