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  1. Character Name: Kuzniak and Elimi Punishment Reason: PvP scripts Game Master: Azathothh Summary: Hi everyone. First of all. We want to greet Sunwell pvp stars. We provide a video in which we present what we were banned for. "Just" playing and trolling losers who use hate speech. BUT!!!! Our administration got "proofs" ;DD In the video we show how each player can do it with a little reflex. We would like to know who is the king of the administration and decide ban us for nothing. Almost all things can be done with a little bit of luck, for example u can pretty easily vanish death coil so as swd on gouge, or prekick. Pretty easy i mean like 1-2 out of 5 ratio. Swd on blind for example is much much harder and i did this like few times in my entire pvp carrier (talking about arenas). The same comes for vanish hoj/other stuns(if u see rogue for example vanishes two stuns/blinds in a row thats much more convincing). For swd scatter shots(which are not recorded cuz of lack of hunter population) is simple one macro spamming without targeting anything, but as game masters u should know that /cast [@target,harm] Shadow Word: Death(Rank 4); As u spam following macro u can swd almost any scatter shot but its a bit intuitive... Those videos u claiming "proofs" dont prove anything and everybody more into arenas (maybe except greatest gladiator of all Afflictive) knows that. Have u actually proved we using something illegal or just seen few prekicks and blind AFTER swd and in order to not seem to look stupid not replaying decided to ban us both? I dont know whether i will keep playing here and of course nothing keeps me here, but i played on sunwell for so long and got some kind of sentiment. Best regards, Master of scripts, Kuzniak. After i recorded i noticed micro sound was very quiet during recording, also there is small delay about 1-2sec when we talking, but wanted to do it fast. I can record how this macro that i was talking about is working exactly. Thanks and i hope u wont be pissed off about my sense of humor:).
  2. Kuzniak

    Angrathar - Important News

    @pawel880 Then this bracket will be even more dead. @GraalI suggest swaping 5v5 bracket into something else, 1v1 or 3v3 solo que would be so fuking awesome
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