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  1. [b]Character Name: Niar [b]Punishment Reason: Goldselling on Nightbane [b]Game Master:It's been a while, so can't remember sorry. I think it was "Iskyl" [b]Summary:Wish to get unbanned on Angrathar, i know i deserve a ban on Nightbane for gold selling, but banning me on both servers months ago is harsh.
  2. Niar

    Banned by Iskyl

    [b]Character Name:[b] Niar [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] Banned for goldselling [b]Game Master:[/b] Iskyl [b]Summary:[/b] Haven't sold anything, sill have the same amount on my character when i quit, was thinking about giving it away to friends that still play and that i got on my friends list, so no idea why i was banned.
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