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    I just started playing on your server, and playing quite a few Russians, my first attitude to the server is very positive, but after I was fouled up, it is not clear what I think to change the server for, as there is rassism even in the GM series. It is so sad ... why Russian people are muddled for what they write in the chat, looking for people with whom you can raid, wait for quests and the like .. From where did racism come from? What exactly did I do that I need to stir up? The country is not home yet ... I ask you to solve this rotten problem soon and give me an answer, because if few people like it like this, I speak for Russians, it’s better to allow chat since your server is visible to us and they play quite a lot People, do not let the online fall because of the incomprehensible versions of the US President and the rest. It is not my fault that I was born in Russia and live there, and I like to play on your server or in general in WWW. I repeat once again that we don’t have such servers and I like to play on your server, but the Russian-language mute is relat-ed. I have a Cs 1.6 (Russian) server and I’m admin there and not bad, but I don’t torture people like , from Ukraine, even if they speak their own language, and not in Russian territory ... The game should not concern politics and vice versa. Waiting for the answer of the person who fouled me and the project’s Chief Daminator. Waiting for your reasonable response ...
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