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  1. Hi there! New content is up with pack of new features to make your play more amazing! Honor Boost x2 is up! It will end on 20.04 at 10pm GMT+2 New PvP Season has launched! Records for boss killing are added! Location available with new quests and items - Ogri'la! Training Dummies in the capital cities. 2.1 Profession Items! Full list is here Call to Arms quests will change a bit: - It will award additional 50 Arena Points during Honor Event! After 20.04 it will grant with 25 Arena Points permanently. - Quests will also provide +3 Battleground Marks of Honor for every Battleground, except the one directly involved with the quest. Players joining other battlegrounds than Alterac Valley will no longer be kicked from AV queue. Dual Spec makes its way to the Horde and it's gonna cost 500 Gold! Dual Spec will be also available in the Shop for 100 Nightbane Coins for both factions. Players who AFK on Battlegrounds will be kicked from it after 1 minute of absence (they require 2 afk reports) Mount Hyjal will be available today later (19:00 CEST). Mount Hyjal is buffed slightly, and our devs have worked to ensure it’s our best release on Nightbane yet. Karazhan Attunement got removed! You don't have to obtain The Master's Key to enter the instance. Hyjal Boost: All of the hostile creatures have basic damage and health increased. However, many of them have also spells modified so I will point them below. Trash: Shadowy Necromancer - Shadow Bolt: 4.5-5.5k Abomination - Disease Cloud: 1.5-2k Banshee 17905 - Banshee Wail: 3-4.5k Gargoyle - Gargoyle Strike: 2-3k Frost Wyrm - Frost Breath: 6-9k Giant Infernal - Immolation Aura: 1k Felhunter - Mana Burn: 3-4k mana burned and 50% of mana burned turned into damage Bosses: Rage Winterchill - Frostbolt: 9k direct, 3k/s - Frost Nova: ~5k dmg - Death and Decay: 25% hp per tick - Frost Armor: +5k armor Anetheron - Sleep: 5 targets - Carrion Swarm: 6.5-7.5k Towering Infernal - Immolation: 4-5k per tick Kaz'rogal - Mark of Kaz'rogal: ~12-13k damage - War Stomp: 9k dmg Azgarol - Doom: cooldown reduced to 35 seconds Archimonde - Doomfire: cooldown reduced to 15 seconds - Fear: cooldown reduced to 30 seconds - Soul Charge (Priest, Mage, Warlock) damage set to 6k damage + 6s silence - Soul Charge (Warrior, Rogue, Paladin) damage set to 6k damage +6s debuff - Soul Charge (Druids, Shamans, Hunters) damage set to 6k damage +2.5k mana burned Pre-nerf value of reputation gains: Skeleton Invader, Skeleton Mage, Towering Infernal, Lesser Doomguard - 0 reputation Ghoul, Crypt Fiend, Shadowy Necromancer, Gargoyle - 2 reputation Abomination, Banshee, Giant Infernal, Felhunter - 3 reputation Frost Wyrm - 15 reputation Rage Winterchill, Anetheron, Kaz'rogal, Azgarol - 200 reputation Archimonde - 500 reputation Rest of 2.1 content will be implemented with The Black Temple release really soon Kind Regards and enjoy, Sunwell Staff
  2. Graal

    Angrathar: Endgame

    Blood-Queen Lana'thel, Professor Putricide and Sindragosa will keep their boosts as well. We're going to follow at PvE scene and we will lift the boost as soon as it's going to be necessary. If you want to keep them boosted we won't argue here 💕 Theme post edited. Best regards, Sunwell Staff
  3. Graal

    Angrathar: Endgame

    Hey. In both this thread and on Discord, We've seen some concerns regarding how fast our ICC boost will be nerfed, namely: the Lich King. Many of you thought the boost was supposed to be removed today or tomorrow, but it's going to take a month, and the boss has been released for two months. There's lots of time ahead of you and I'd like to believe that you'll manage to defeat the Lich King. I also support your request: if LK won't be killed by, let's say, 3-5 guilds, the boost will stay, so you could face a formidable enemy. Lifting the boost is supposed to aid other players with even thinking about attempting the Heroic version, but LK - buffed or not - will be out of reach for most of them. We're also not going to apply the zone buff (Hellscream's Warsong / Strength of Wrynn) on 25 HC version, only on 10N/10HC/25N. I hope that you'll be satisfied with that. The new raid is also planned with Normal and Heroic versions, which will allow for some fluidity when setting up his difficulty level and people won't even know the strategy, so that is going to be really interesting. Kind regards, Sunwell Staff
  4. Hey there! Not so long ago, because only a week ago, The Lich King on Heroic difficulty was defeated. Big congratulations to Synthesis for grabbing the Realm First! 🎆 I promised you some news about WotLK and the time has come. The PvE schedule looks like this: 27.03 - removal of ICC Boost from the First Quarter & Heroic Attempts amount set to 25. 03.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Second Quarter. Professor Professor Putricide will keep his boost 10.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Third Quarter. Blood-Queen Lana'thel will keep her boost. 17.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Fourth Quarter. Sindragosa and Lich King will keep their boosts. Add ICC buff for 10norm, 10heroic and 25norm raid versions. 27.04 - Ruby Sanctum launch at 8pm GMT +2 PvP & Hot News: In about a month (the end of April / beginning of May) there will be a PvP Tournament. Its end will mark the beginning of the new PvP Season. More information on that soon. The developers will pay our BugTracker a visit with a full force. If you are aware of any bugs on Angrathar, please report it here: https://bit.ly/angrathar-bt. We’d also like to invite you to report any PvP related bug, because that’s something we’re going to focus on. Halion in 25 Heroic difficulty will be boosted. The boost will be present until three guilds defeat the encounter - and these guilds will be rewarded, as there is no Realm First for that achievement. Feronis transfers are coming in the future. More information regarding this will be given when time comes. ? - A new raid, written and designed by us. I’m telling you that only because I like you It will be totally magical and rad new thing. Now, thank you for being with us this whole time. You’re giving us lots of motivation and I promise that we will never stop working on Angrathar. It’s not a secret that the last few months were really… something else. There’s lots of work ahead of us, but first things first. More posts soon 🍩 The policy has changed. We are not abandoning Angrathar. I am not abandoning you. Sunwell Staff
  5. Graal

    Where is boss

    There will be post in next week about our incoming plans Cheers, Graal
  6. Graal

    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    One more time we have to congratulate Synthesis for their 2nd Realm First 💚 Actually yeah, that was planned to nerf our boosts once RF goal is achieved. Probably, we will start nerf with next ID (27.04) - gonna nerf quarter per ID. On monday/tuesday you should expect big post about Angrathar's coming future. Cheers, Graal
  7. Howdy, The whole ICC has been released, but for the most hardcore no-lifers (hehehe), this is just the beginning. Since this week, every player has a chance to defeat the Lich King (Normal), which is going to open their way to the Heroic version of Icecrown Citadel. Regarding the 25 Heroic Boost - there was a poll and the players had decided they want a more difficult ICC25HC. And we'll deliver. The boosts primarily increase Health value of the bosses, but some of them have other changes to them as well. Due to the complexity of the code, we didn't want modify to the bosses too much. We didn't want to mess with the timers either - that would render DBM useless. *est - means it's estimated value. **gunship buffs - those buffs are present on hostile after X (seconds) time once they are spawned. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the list of all ICC 25 HC boosts: Heroic Version / Boosted Version Lord Marrowgar 31,376,250 hp / est. 39,082,688 hp 3x Bone Spikes / 5x Bone Spikes Lady Deathwhisper 26,774,400 hp / est. 33,129,280 hp 3x Vengeful Shades / 5x Vengeful Shades Gunship Battle Skybreaker Rifleman / Kor'kron Axethrower 301,975 hp / est. 452,962 hp Skybreaker Marine / Kor'kron Reaver 301,975 hp / est. 452,692 hp Skybreaker Sorcerer / Kor'kron Battle Mage 1,132,404 hp / est. 2,038,327 hp Buffs that appear on hostiles once they are spawned** Experienced: 1:40 / 0:30 Veteran: 2:50 / 1:00 Elite: 3:50 / 1:30 Berserk: 5:20 / 2:00 Burning Pitch 12-15s cooldown / 8-10s cooldown Deathbringer Saurfang 43,926,750 hp / est. 52,832,168 hp Festergut 52,293,752 hp / est. 62,752,502 hp 1x Goo / 3x Goo Rotface 47,413,000 hp / est. 57,895,600 hp Professor Putricide 50,202,000 hp / est. 59,732,300 hp Volatile Ooze 1,976,450 hp / est. 2,272,918 hp Gas Cloud 1,976,450 hp / est. 2,272,918 hp Ice Block & Divine Shield spells won't stop Volatile Ooze during his Volatile Ooze Adhesive spell cast. (it works on every version of Icecrown Citadel) Blood Prince Council 30,497,716 hp / est. 39,122,145 hp 3x Kinetic Bombs / 5x Kinetic Bombs Blood-Queen Lana'thel 71,300,785 hp / est. 81,995,902 hp Valithria Dreamwalker 35,999,995 hp / est. 39,599,994 hp Blazing Skeleton 348,625 hp / est. 435,781 hp Gluttonous Abomination 1,310,830 hp / est. 1,507,454 hp Blistering Zombie 302,400 hp / est. 378,000 hp Risen Archmage 418,350 hp / est. 502,020 hp Sindragosa 46,018,500 hp / est. 59,222,200 hp The Lich King 103,151,165 hp / est. 118,623,840 hp Drudge Ghoul 756,000 hp / est. 907,200 hp Vile Spirit 270,000 hp / est. 310,500 hp Wicked Spirit 8,000 hp / est. 14,000 hp Enjoy
  8. Graal

    Proffesions - Engineering

    Fair enough bro, we will discuss it.
  9. Graal

    Fast mount for testers

    Will do so.
  10. Graal

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    😑 All we do is change health, damage or timers of KNOWN mechanics/spells. The only custom thing was Malygos which was "years" ago. I'm sure we will spend a lot of time with @Azathothh and discuss about ICC difficulty to make it playable for everyone. Greetings
  11. Graal

    Dark Portal opening event?

    Okey so, I'm afraid we can't organize this event because blocking people on 60lvl isn't healthy for realm and this event is not worth it. We can manage to add there some semi-event with fightning creatures to make Dark Portal look cooler from Blasted Lands side, but I'm worried we won't recreate its original form. Greetings
  12. Hey there buddy, let mi summarize some facts! There are indeed 4 routes for both Vyragosa and TLPD on our realm. Respawn time is set to 12h. There is 15% chance TLPD will spawn, and 85% chance that it will be Vyragosa. There are 269 characters on Angrathar who have this mount. Fingers crossed, u will catch it one day
  13. Graal

    Dark Portal opening event?

    Oh yeah, maybe ure right with this cap... Now it enlights me that maybe it was something about it haha. Anyway as I said, we will talk about this event soon!
  14. Graal

    What's up with the PvE difficulty?

    Hi there, thank you for ur interest! Our first idea was to put only pre-nerf statistics on our dungeons and raids. Since it's quite easy to modify those values we are still considering about full CoreCraft boosts. As I said, its easy to change it so we didn't decide yet. We have created poll where we asked players what kind of boosts/mechanics they expect -> https://goo.gl/forms/0FxQ0QR3g364WJus1 When we will decide it once and for all then we will publish our statement Cheers
  15. Graal

    Dark Portal opening event?

    Hi there, there was no cap on Angrathar even for few minutes I promise we will talk about it on our next staff meeting and we'll consider that event. Cheers
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