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  1. ujellyx

    Wow Error

    I frequently get this in Dalaran aswell. More often when I'm flying through Wintergrasp to Dalaran or hearthstone out of Wintergrasp.
  2. Even for a trollpost and trollvideo this is just plain bad...
  3. ujellyx

    Blacklisting <Peters Daddy>

    Yeah I don't like it when I get some of them in RDF or random BG... they're bad skillwise, need on every item and can't communicate in party-chat at all... even worse than the "LFG"-guild.
  4. ujellyx

    Arena Season 5 - Information

    Season end date?
  5. ujellyx

    Asian 3s-teams wintrading.

    I spectated a few of their games and one of the teams afk's at the start of the matches so the other one could just kill them. They've gone 14-0 with this already. Couldn't record a video, the only thing i could create is a screenshot of it where you see one of the teams AFK while the other one kills them (the enemy mage randomly popped an arcane explosion to do some damage to make the stats look legit i guess). https://imgur.com/a/Paqqh
  6. Just wanted to give a quick feedback after the honor-rates were increased by 50% for around two days: It helped a lot at motivating people to do PvP, but it didn't really solve the issue of the gear gap and because of that of alliance winning way more often. I'd have loved to see a longer duration of the honor-boost - at least until the season starts, so that everyone can catch up a little bit before jumping into arena.
  7. Yeah, it's on Angrathar. And it's not so much about giving more incentive to horde players as it is about balancing out the pvp-gear-gap for those who want to play competitive PvP on horde-side.
  8. Well, 500 horde online atm, and barely 5-10 people queue BGs. And with these 5-10 players on average queueing BGs, alliance still gets enough invites to farm BGs nonstop. There are enough players on both sides. It may be that horde isn't that interested in PvP in general, but this punishes all horde-players that want to seriously do PvP. By the start of the season the gear-advantage for alliance players might be so immense, that you can almost insta-concede a match when you're matched against an alliance-team.
  9. Hello everyone, I guess you can call it a "rant", but I'm not the only one with concerns towards the PvP-balance. For days now the alliance wins almost every BG because of either a bigger team or having better gear. Since they can farm BGs pretty quick and win almost every Wintergrasp in addition to that, they have a huge advantage PvP-gear-wise already. Having a premade queue for BG didn't help aswell, as they just roll over us with their gear. I "fear" that because of the huge gear-gap alliance will also gain an advantage at the start of the arena season. And with time progressing the gap gets bigger and bigger (of course only until they're fully geared). The opening of VoA didn't solve anything as horde just "tries" to win once in a week to do VoA and then never queues Wintergrasp again - resulting in more wins for the alliance again and no possibility to do VoA when you're not around on the first win of the week. I can't really think of a fix for this problem other than maybe increasing honor-rate for horde to lessen the gear-gap and balancing out the gear. That way at least some BGs and arena can be balanced. And please don't post things like "just farm PvE gear" or "just reroll alliance". This won't help anything... Constructive criticism is welcome though.
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