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  1. Trelhar

    Twinking 79

    Why are you posting in this section lol? Clearly it's not twinks' fault if they are allowed to do this. Nonetheless it's clear that Sunwell's administration doesn't give a damn about this
  2. Trelhar

    Bots allowed?

    Of course not, read the rules https://sunwell.pl/page/rules
  3. Trelhar

    XP Turn off for losses

    It's weird, on one side they increase the XP given by BGs, like they're saying hey, feel free to level like this and in fact much people does. But on the other side, they allow twinks to play in the same brackets, and we know that one twink can turn a match. So it's almost like they are trying to provide the most unfun and frustrating experience to the new players, especially now that many new players are levelling in BGs. Seriously, i don't get it, especially because people has been asking for a change many times already.
  4. Your name - Icewitch Reported player's name - Elimi, Kuzniak Date - 24th of August Rule that was broken - 8. Software that modifies the game and / or faking the packets sent to the server is prohibited. Automation software, such as bots, are also prohibited. The punishment is the same as in point 7 of the Terms of Use. Description - Both players were testing third party programs for later use in arena matches Evidence - I had noticed player Elimi using script in arena environment so decided to look at him while he was dueling, and then I got the confirmation he was using scripts for PvP purposes. Another user has already posted proof of arena scripting. In this video it is very clear and it demands a severe punishment and arena team removal. Don't let pass the idea that scripting is required to be competitive, or the whole server will start doing it. Holow and Makelele were probably testing scripts as well. I'm pretty sure but a confirmation is needed. Evidence here Kind regards
  5. Trelhar

    5-Man ninja-looting - why is this a thing?

    Because it's really time-demanding for GMs to check every case, since the majority of the reports concern dungeon ninjaing. Also limiting the rolls to the current spec could limit the population joining dungeons. What could be done is punishing clearly evident behaviours like a warrior needing on healing stuff or a caster trinket. Where to draw the line, though?
  6. Trelhar

    Angrathar: Endgame

    How about introduce a switch to get the buffed hc LK and maybe custom titles & achiement for it, and still let us common mortals pour blood to do the nerfed LK? Or maybe chose the difficulty of LK e.g. normal, hard, impossible Loot drop chance could be increased for the hardest modes. It's just an idea
  7. Trelhar

    MMR system on Angrathar vol.xx

    It could be that your mmr was much different from theirs, so you weren't paired with them. I don't know if this is entirely blizzlike but not playing could be preferable over playing against much higher mmr teams.
  8. Trelhar

    Mist of Pandaria

    They recently announced on Discord they are opening the testing phase
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