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  1. Basically you - with the help of some of the twinks who haven't turned 80 yet - decided that the fine brackets we have are broken and pressured to obtain a poll which you then heavily interfered with, turning the result, and you're now begging for a new diplomatic start with joined queues, which had been separated by necessity and poll. Truly amazing.
  2. So you're accusing me of something? Lol let's see this evidence so I can laugh at it. You guys manipulated the poll, then didn't even feel ashamed of it and actually started bragging, and you attack everyone having a different opinion from yours. No honourability, no logic, no shame.
  3. Joke poll (upping because I read Marian was purposefully directing the attention to the other thread LMAO!)
  4. Taken into account that many people from other servers and possibly other undetected fake accounts have determined the numbers in the poll, which have no other real explanation besides that, I sincerely think this poll should be considered null.
  5. What am I reading, ffs. Of course they had to intervene previously, the poll was pretty much a courtesy, because the bracket was being destroyed by the twinks themselves. Also you still seem to fail to understand that people afk'ed primarily because of how bad the bracket was. And lastly, what's the evidence that the ones interfering with the poll are just 2 people? Apparently entire guilds knew about it and the only one guy who dared to oppose was kicked from one of them, doesnt really seem like 2 people idea to me; conversely, it legitely gives a pretty bad picture of the community.
  6. The last poll was much more likely to be legit for a simple reason - the bracket was a mess, with alliance winning every match. Likewise the numbers here aren't in any way justified by any serious bracket unbalancing. The poll itself is probably started solely on the request of the twinks. I guess someone messaged every admin on the server with their multiple accounts asking for this poll.
  7. Said the ones who manipulated an entire poll. You had a problem with the real result didn't you?
  8. BTW I was strongly suspecting Marian already; he was the most disappointed from the previous poll result, so he resorted to cheating. Really sad and unfair play
  9. DUDE, screen it and post it, the Administration needs to see this shit.
  10. Go check the previous poll, the far majority (92) wanted the change, then some wanted the CF (38). The twinks who voted were only 19 and lost miserably. There is no way the result can now be so different, especially because the brackets are totally fine. So, someone is surely manipulating the votation, and I'm asking the Administration to check because it is at least really really weird.
  11. I think something is up with these votes, there's no way people wanna change a nice bracket reverting it to a broken situation. Is there any way to see who is voting? It say it is public but I don't see any transparency here. Rigged poll?
  12. Seriously Sunwell? I'm looking at the PvP stats right now and I see no issues, except for the fact that you had solved the problem of twinks and they backlashed like true crybabies, as they are particularly active on the forum and very mad, but their gameplay is destructive to the PvP side of the server. The votes here are biased towards twinks' will, because when you took away their sad form of fun they started spamming in the forum (and i'm pretty sure the admins' inboxes as well) and now you're doing them this gift. Let me say it clearly, TWINKS SPOIL THE FUN TO EVERYBODY WHO IS NOT A TWINK, there's no way around this. To the ones saying it's the same of putting level 79 player vs 75, this is obviously false, because you wanna put a level 79 500 resilience player vs level 75 player, how can it be the same? PvP stats look fine right now, in 70-79 bracket the server is hosting an average of 145 matches/day for the last 7 days, which would be 6 matches per hour. The ratio of wins is 60% - 40%, which I remind was 98% - 2% before the fix. What's to fix then??? Why did you put the option to revert the situation to a fully broken state??? You guys must really hate your own server to allow twinks to decide an almost entire BG situation. BTW Cross Faction, while not universally appreciated for legacy reasons, is and will always be the healthiest thing for PVP, but do not ever think to throw twinks back in along with levellers, unless you wanna bring the server to a state of 98% - 2% ratio with people afk'ing on the GY and an entire faction being annihilated.
  13. Why don't you just go 80? Stop trying to harass levellers please
  14. Wow dude, you are so desperate for farming lowbies! Maybe find another hobby? Also stop spreading fake news
  15. Are you serious? I'm ally and yet I can see how bad the bracket was to everyone. Let me give you some numbers. Today when the brackets were about to be separated the A-H wins were 215 - 9, this means the alliance was winning 96% of the BGs, does it seems balanced to you? Now it's 252 - 59. If you take the portion of BGs played after the change it turns out to be 37 - 50, where the horde excess wins are coming mostly from the twink bracket. The conclusion is that devs just turned the most unbalanced bracket to a nicely balanced one, especially for the levellers - which represent the most of the people playing in the bracket.
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