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  1. THRobinson

    Developer vs Tournament

    Well... Angrathar Tourny it is I guess... not exactly a chatty forum is it? 😛
  2. THRobinson

    Developer vs Tournament

    Sorry for the noob question... been a long time since played and only played casually. Just installed Warcraft and logged in, picked Angrathar and PVP but no realsm under developer only tournament... what's the dif? Mostly looking to quest, but some raid/dungeons with a Guild. I chose PVP because oddly fun having to watch out for both creatures and other players... but not sure what the 'tournament' part means, or if I chose the right server to play on. Again, sorry for the noob questions, just don't want to lvl up and have to start over again because wrong server/relam.
  3. THRobinson

    Where to Download?

    Wow... took another 38min before I found it. https://sunwell.pl/how-to-connect REALLY needs to be a bit more obvious where to find this. Like a DOWNLOAD or HOW-TO icon on the left pane or something. That said... SO eager to play again. Just another 6h of work to go.
  4. THRobinson

    Where to Download?

    Hate asking, but, couldn't find a link on the main page, or a sticky here for where to download the client. Haven't played in a long while, was never very good at it, but was fun and miss WOTLK which is what I played the most. From what I read, this is a WOTLK server? so... can play "old school" again?
  5. THRobinson

    Hello Canucks!

    Hey guys... just wanted to hello, haven't played Warcraft in a long while, and when I did I'd only get a month subscription at a time and maybe only 1-2x a year. Use to play often back on Molten, anyone remember that server? Ya, it's been a while. Anyways, didn't know free servers still existed, and I missed WOTLK so figured give it a try. I've also never been in a Guild. Always solo's up to max level doing Quests only. Looking to try a Guild, hoping someone can point me towards a friendly relaxed Guild. Maybe a Canadian one? Thanks
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