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  1. OldTimer

    bt when

    Never.Cuz there is no point in it.I hope that blizzard will release TBC server in the future.Damn....that would have been epic
  2. OldTimer

    Questions on shop items

    Noone is gonna reply to you buddy.The server is dead and i don't understand why would you even bother playing on it
  3. OldTimer

    There Were 6 People Online Today.

    Agree. Admins,please have some decency and admit that the sever and TBC project are dead. You could not make TBC expansion "great again" and many people wasted so much time on this server with it's rapidly dropping population due to your total inactivity and "loose of touch" with you community. I still wounder-did you really think that people are gonna wait till 2020 feb or whatever for the hall content to be released?With no dual spec,bugged bosses and almost 0 pvp activity(no extra points system,no additional rewards).Damn I could list so many things you could have done differently but it does not matter what I think in the end.
  4. OldTimer

    save sunwell

    These is what you had to do Sunwell crew..... 1)Really work on your scripting!(That's the most important point) 2)Make dual spec from the beggining 3)Make leveling not hard after 1-2 month of Server life(x5 for example) 4)Do some ladder theme page where people can see PvE and PvP progress on your server! 5)OPEN CONTENT SOONER(So guild like whashed up won't leave you,cuz there is nothing else to do!) That's it.I guess that was 2 hard to do.
  5. OldTimer

    save sunwell

    They did some work and some boss fights were actually nice,but overall scripting is nothing compared to Netherwing.It just can't compare,which makes me think that developers never inteded for this server to last.
  6. OldTimer

    save sunwell

    The server is dead. There are only a few guilds playing and they do plan on playing,cuz they can't afford to create new characters and spend loads of time again on a new server. There is no competition PvE or PvP wise.so the server is like Role playing when you log in,kill a few bosses with your guild mates and then log out.There is nothing else to do.
  7. Nice post!I also sayonara with nightbane,cuz this server is done for.Great memories tho!
  8. OldTimer

    Server is almost dead

    Gonna just leave my last message here. Right now Online(and this is around prime time for raids etc) Sunwell:760 Atlantis: 3600 All i can say is-stats speak louder then any words.It's really a shame that I've invested so much time and effort into my character and was betting for this sever to be epic,but it's clearly not. Checked bgs(same empty ques and a few arena teams).Thx for dual spec tho mods and devs!Its so great that you've added it now!:)))))
  9. OldTimer

    Server is almost dead

    Noone is talking about the time when the server was released.I've just completed all content as well. Are you saying you did not encounter any bugs during your progression?LOL What about 1.Leotheras the Blind who was bugged a really long time and was just sitting at one place after it split with it's shadow? 2.Lady Vashj water elementals walking underground and bugged striders?( Lady Vashj was bugged for some time and there is a video on this forum about it).Many guilds cleared it with that bug. 3.Mobs in TK-almost constantly dispelling each other through the walls(those mobs at the begining?) 4.Mobs in BF(heroic) in the end of the dungeon 1 shooting anyone(when they turn and look at you)??? and overall scripting is really lacking compared to Atlantis,maybe that's why there is 3600k players online right now there and on Sunwell 1200? PvP scene is dead and been dead for some time(not sure if you do PvP,but you can ask anyone who does it). Let's see how Hyjal is gonna work when it's released. If you can't see that the server is dying and population has droped rapidly then maybe you are one of those people who are just blind to everything that's been happing on this server. p.s The reason why you are implaying that you did not see any bugs is because you probably don't know how a specific encounter is suppose to work correctly.
  10. OldTimer

    Server is almost dead

    I can see that there is another topic below just like this one,but I still wanna create a new thread. I really had high hopes for this server when it launched.The population was Crazy and many of my friends including me were really looking forward to play on Nightbane.I remember clearly 5-6k online and even more and I thought:"Ok,I know that this number is gonna drop a bit later but if it stays around 3k+ that would be epic". As time passed by,I saw that online droped around 3500k+ then 3000+ then 2500.....2000.....and now it's not more then 1100-1300 in prime EU time.All that happend really really fast! I am sure that this server is not gonna survive till BT opens it's doors.Well,there might be 500-600 players which are gonna raid with there guilds and even they are gonna drop out eventually,cuz of the really poor work done by developers! I've cleared all content except Kel and the number of bugs I've seen during all those boss encounters is crazy!Some are minor and you can actually skip them,but some are soooo major that you feel like you are playing against the server,not against the Boss.We were sending tickets,asking to fix different bosses but in reality there was so little work that was done,that it became clear that those in charge don't wanna make this server "great again". So,what do we have here?? 1.PvE-many encounters are not working as they suppose 2 and I can't even imagin how broken Hyjal is gonna be.... 2.PvP is dead.It's just unreal to play normal PvP on this server(due to population and idiotic 50g respect every single time).Arena got like 10-15 teams and I've played against the same team for more then 2h hours ones,which was hilarious!The only time I've actually enjoed bgs was during AV weekend.Somehow people were playing 40vs40 all day. 3.There is almost 0 communication between developers/admins and gamers.Manye topics on forum unanswered and it really feels like they don't really care about there players at all(money are already made here) 4.RAPID DROP OF POPULATION -Which is one of the major signs to me that this server is not gonna servive if nothing MAJOR is done(like insta level 70 or x10 boosts or whatever it takes to actually make people create new accounts here). All of that without loads of working on scripting is pointless tho.It's such a shame that I've invested soo much time into my character and was looking forward to play here till Sunwell,but there is no way this server is gonna survive that long. Atlantis crew done a great job by actually working on there scripting which is 10x better then here and mobs actually use spells there are suppose to+items are much weaker and content is much harder there.You can clearly see that normal population there is like 3500-4500 which is 3x 4x times bigger then here,becuase people are gonna play and stay where developers are actually putting work into there project. Have a good day
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