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  1. Hello there, i have a resto shamy 4.8k geared and a 4.6k feral dps and i am looking for a long time now an English speaking guild that raids: Mondays or Wednesdays or Thursdays and above all, the raid times are between 15:00st - 20:00st. I have experience of the whole Lich king patch content. These times are chinese-guilds mostly but i hope i can find a guild that can suit mine also :/. My ingame names are Ograsm and Moolara.
  2. Pepelepew

    Problem with donating via paysafe

    or at least anyone can tell me how i can donate from Greece?
  3. Pepelepew

    Problem with donating via paysafe

    anyone knows how i can bypass that error and donate via paysafe?
  4. Pepelepew

    Problem with donating via paysafe

    the translate says: The specific paysafe PIN cannot be used for payment in this electronic store.
  5. Pepelepew

    Problem with donating via paysafe

    Hello i am trying to buy sunwell coins via paysafe but i got a message from paysafe and it says that i cannot make that payment. I'm uploading the screenshot to check on your own and see what we can do. I am living in Greece and i dunno if that is the problem of the paysafe (which i don't think it is). I attached a file to check the screenshot on your own.
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