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    Champion banned by Server

    Character name: Champion Punishment Reason: Tele Hack Game Master: None Summary: Dear sunwell, i got my friend's account get banned by doing teleport hack. What i did was i got General Vezax's room and saronite mine's location on TrueWoW Public test realm and teleported there on my friend's character on sunwell who has mining and tried to mine it. I told my friend about this incident and said "what should i do?" but he replied with "simple, i will just stop playing" which hurt my feeling since he recruited me to sunwell and i've been enjoying playing on sunwell with him. I truly don't want it to happen and i think he should not bear the responsibility of what he didn't do on his own. It might sound selfish of me but if it is possible i would like to get my account take the punishment instead of his. I think if you could check IP address his character was connected on my IP address not his IP address when it happened. My friend's character name that i got banned is "Champion" and my character name is "Suzu". I take full responsibly of what happened to my friend's account and that my own selfishness has lead to this but I hope him to be able to be given a chance to play again. Best regards, Suzu.
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