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    Server is almost dead

    we did every id full T5 and pls write me which bugs are You found on encounters ? i am waiting PS. or maybe are YOu one of those ppl who talking about bugs when server was released?
  2. magnos1234

    Population - rapidly going down.

    TOmcat why i have to log during day ? i did every reputations etc / no daily PvP and dual spec so i dont want play PvP / no daily Heroics and badges from Heroics so i do not want do any Heroics and there is a lot of ppl who thinking like me and log in only for raids / we need Mh and BT and daily heroics and badges from Heroics and more daily for PvP with dual spec for horse side ....
  3. magnos1234

    I forgot email

    hello Pls ask about it on Discord any stuff there YOu will received faster than here answer
  4. magnos1234

    Population - rapidly going down.

    in sunday was 2000 online and during week around 19:00 oclock awlways there is round 1500-1700 online so its ok I think after MH and BT release will be more ppl here
  5. magnos1234

    Change rase

  6. magnos1234

    Tanking Morogrim as a Warrior ?

    Are YOu sure that any murlocks didn't attacked You and consumed Your Shield Block or are YOu sure that You always have RAge firstly for using and keeping Shield Block instead of using other spells ? we did Moro xx times and always only with 6 healers like whole SSC and we never had problem / of course tank getting hudge dmg but its a boss for YOur healers so its look like YOur healers are really bad Tank Just have imp buff always WF totem no Agi not needed and someone of Hunter have to keep always Scorpid Sting and any Shaman or Priest keep armor buff
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