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    Gold begging spams

    Your name bankenbob Reported player's name -pamba Date -13 march 2019 Rule that was broken - spamming/begging for gold/disturbing peace Description -this player was spamming for gold for a while Evidence - https://youtu.be/2O3JHmEHvpY
  2. kickside

    Madgehick - Banned by Azathothh

    [b]Character Name:[Madgehick] [b]Punishment Reason:[Botting on multiple accounts] [b]Game Master:[Azathothh] Hello There! Yasterday i was banned from Angrathar for botting. And today i would like to appeal and to say sorry for my misbehaviour I am regreful for using a Third-party program. The only reason i have to give as of why i did this: Its because i enjoy endgame more than i enjoy spending time grinding mobs. The game for me is about making new friends, clearing hard content, building up ur character to your prefrences, and owning scrubs in pvps. I understand why i got this ban, and i saw it coming. but i said to myself as soon as i get some kind of warning or ban for a couple of days, i will stop using bots to level my characters. just to try the limit a bit. If its any excuse, its not my intention to bot for gold making or gearing my character, all that i enjoy doing myself. its just that hard boring part getting to 80 that flips my boat upside down. I did only use bot to grind mobs, to level when i didnt have time to do it by myself. my character is level 75, and i did play half of the time /played my self (estimations) My ban sentence is 30 days. well 29 now :P and i feel like this is a very long time, in this era, it means i miss 4 weeks of grinding to 80 and gearing my character for raids with the guild. I will admit to doing wrong, and i will also admit and say that i do deserve some kind of punishment. but i feel like i wont enjoy the game this much if i have to wait for my main 30 days before i can play him again. tbh i will probably just quit playing sunwell in total, and go play something else instead. (but i dont want to do this, since this community is awesome, and ive already made some friends!) Coulde we come to some kind of agreement to shorten my sentence? PLEASE Something else than 29 more days i would be truly greatful. ill bring any kind of proof to prove my regrets if neccesery sincerly Christian
  3. kickside

    (H) Svensk Raiding guild <FIKO>

    Behöver ni mage? är 22 år, har spelat wow i 13 år. har raidat massa mythic på retail Angrathar eller?
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