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  1. OakyHefty

    Frosthold Teaser & Some Informations.

    I hope there will be no ID for heroic dungeons. This stuff is a nightmare when you want to farm some specific item from boss what has 50% chance to appear.
  2. OakyHefty

    I was wondering...

    I think the better effect will be if price for transmog tokens will be emblems of triumph instead of emblems of frost. Because actually the main problem is lack of people for dungeons (Especially tanks and heals). And frost can be got only once per what means BIS geared people dont do dungeons more than once per day. But if we set price for triumph then people who want transmog and have time will have good motivation to also go and farm dungeons and not only ICC BIS ones but also players who have PreIcc bis will be encouraged to do dungeons.
  3. OakyHefty

    Professions for BM Hunter PvE

    Well. Depends what way you gonna go i will tell you 3 ways. 1. PVP Basically mostly mining and engineering, stamina from mining is more useful in PVP than bonus chance to crit, also engineering gives you many things that are useful mostly in PVP (Stun bombs, speed boots, parachute, etc.) 2. PVE. You keep skinning for crit chance, and you do LW for some exclusive enchants that will also improve your damage (like attack power). 3. Universal. Jevelcrafting and blacksmithing. Jevelcrafting gives you acces to exclusive gems that are alot better than gems you normally get. Blacksmithing gives you exclusive access to craft for yourself additional sockets for gems, where you can put gems. The reason why this way is universal its because the bonuses depends on gems you use, so you can use separate gems for PVP and PVE. Most people consider it as the best set up for both PVP and PVE. But the problem is, its hard to train skill in them because you will need to buy many... MANY materials.
  4. OakyHefty

    Beginer hunter

    Well. If you want to improve your leveling. You should get bear pet and respect to beast mastery focused on pet dmg and survivability. THATS WAY you gain alot of sustain and mob control options what makes leveling easier(especially in moments when you have to pull more than 1 mob).
  5. OakyHefty


    The best leveling setup for hunter is beast mastery focused on pet survivability and damage. And for leveling pets the best options are tenacity pets because they are meant to be a pocket tanks (what actually is pet's only purpose for leveling hunter) because they have many talents that increases pet's survivability and threat generation(including awesome thunderstomp). The best option is bear because bear can be fed with any kind of food also bear has swipe what is aoe dmg/aggro ability what combined with thunderstorm from tenacity talent tree gives great aoe combo. Second options are turtle(has armour boosting ability) or worm(reduces armour but it is exotic so cannot get before 60). And well there is a myth about gorilla being the best leveling pet but we'll, this is a myth what is not true. Gorilla was good before 3.1 when it had thunderstomp but at 3.1 thunderstomp was replaced with pummel(skill what disrupts spellcasts, can be useful at PVP but not for leveling). Sunwell is in 3.3.5 version. But about using beast mastery as endgame DPS, of course devilsaur is the best choice when it comes to pet. But beast mastery hunter can work as PVE DPS but is not the best spec so you can play it for fun but if you want min-max your DPS hunter, you should use marksmanship.
  6. OakyHefty

    Angrathar - Important News

    Well for all who lost hard to get ICC10/25 TOC10/25 items because you logged just after getting some gear in raid and didnt put your character afk for 2 hours before logout? Prepare to farm your **** from 0
  7. OakyHefty

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Hello. I was banned on discord at times of nightbane release date where release had these technical dificulties. The reason of ban was spamming on discord channel. Well the ban was reasonable i agree, even if i did it in frustration because of server dificulties (I broke rules its my fault). So i decided to dont argue about that and wait untill ban ends because probably it wont take long time. Today i wanted to go to discord i still have ban. I want to have acces to discord server again because in most cases discord server is the best source of actual information about what happens on server. Name on discord: Debowy_Mocny
  8. OakyHefty

    Angrathar - Important News

    Cant you just restore of these items, because of that some people lost RAID items that sometimes are hard to get.
  9. OakyHefty

    Angrathar - Important News

    I got the same awnser. But these items were got DEFINITELY BEFORE 13th may. I replied to awnser i gonna see what will happen.
  10. OakyHefty

    Angrathar - Important News

    WTF after transfer my death knight lost chest (Tank chest from toc 25), legs (tank legs from toc 25) and boots (tank Boots from FoS hero)
  11. OakyHefty

    Angrathar - Important News

    Give them like 10 minutes
  12. WHere can i find this option on webpage?
  13. I am lazy man, and i almost never organize any raids so usually i join raids, and i dont care about people reserving items, if someone reserves item what i need, i dont join, if reserved item is not useful for me then i can join. Remember if someone organizes raid then he has right to set rules of loot distribution. You dont like it? Make your own raid, you are too lazy to organise own raid? TOOO BAD. I remember times when nobody reserved items, and you know what, instead of reserving items raid leader just ninjalooted what he wanted without consequences because of no server rules about master looter abuse.
  14. Well went to server start. After 3 hours i managed to connect and play, after 20 minutes of plaing i got DC. Went to sleep, wake up. Still cant log in. For some reason i cant connect to sunwell discord server. Can someone at least paste her announcments from discord about nightbane fix progress?
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