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  1. WHere can i find this option on webpage?
  2. I am lazy man, and i almost never organize any raids so usually i join raids, and i dont care about people reserving items, if someone reserves item what i need, i dont join, if reserved item is not useful for me then i can join. Remember if someone organizes raid then he has right to set rules of loot distribution. You dont like it? Make your own raid, you are too lazy to organise own raid? TOOO BAD. I remember times when nobody reserved items, and you know what, instead of reserving items raid leader just ninjalooted what he wanted without consequences because of no server rules about master looter abuse.
  3. Well went to server start. After 3 hours i managed to connect and play, after 20 minutes of plaing i got DC. Went to sleep, wake up. Still cant log in. For some reason i cant connect to sunwell discord server. Can someone at least paste her announcments from discord about nightbane fix progress?
  4. Welcome i want to talk about problem i have since i started trying to get polearm what is exclusive drop from paletress HC. Well here is whats wrong with RNG. As you see THERE IS TOOO MUCH EADRIC THE PURE. Literally everyday when i go to toc 5 hc to get polearm what only drops on paletress, THIS GUY ALLWAYS APPEARS. Paletress appeared 1 time. Chance to get a polearm after defeating paletress is 8%-ish so statistically i need to defeat paletress like 13 times to statistically be sure in one of these fights polearm will drop, but after it will drop there is a chance that someone else will need this polearm and win it, so... lets give i have 50% chance that polearm will go to me. So that means i there must be statistically like 2 polearm drops what to make sure i will get this time. So that means i need to defeat paletress like 26 times to get polearm. But wait there is more, i can do this instance ONEC per DAY because of that ID mechanic what i dont know why blizzard made it. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. RNG IS BUGGED AND LIKE I GET EADRIC LIKE everyday, for 6 eadrics i have 1 paletress. So basically i have paletress fight ONCE PER WEEK. So to get the polearm statistically i need 26 weeks thats 182 days, so its like HALF OF THE YEAR. So pls fix RNG or remove limit or at least make way to choose second boss (So i can tell this annoing gramps to go away and give me paletress) because in that time there will be ALREADY ICC and i wont be even able to gear up for TOC 25.
  5. OakyHefty

    Sunwell Nightbane 2.4.3 - Summary & Poll!

    Dual spec for alliance is acceptable. If there are less alliance it will surely allow people to take multiple roles in game. BUT i disagree with The reasons are simple, this will give alliance TOO big advantage in first weeks of server. Skill for mounts are the most expensive parts of mount cost, and so alliance will have alot faster access to mounts (Especially 100% ground mounts because price reduction is like 300g), what can bring small inbalance in world PVP.
  6. OakyHefty

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    Nevermind, solved a problem. If someone has same problem i link this solution there https://www.maketecheasier.com/increase-memory-limit-for-32-bit-applications-in-windows-64-bit-os/
  7. OakyHefty

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    how to do that?
  8. OakyHefty

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    2 GB, but i dont think thats a reason because laptop had 1 GB one
  9. OakyHefty

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    Ok i checked. In dalaran still wow + chrome takes like 5GB in moment when i got error. It doesent even goes into 3/4 of ram used so i dont think its RAM's fault.
  10. OakyHefty

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    actually in Voa i use 4 giga of ram overall and chrome eats 100 mb more ram than wow When i finish voa i gonna check it at Dalaran
  11. OakyHefty

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    I will say laptop display size is 3/4 of my monitor size, laptop was Asus X53SD. The diffrence is also laptop used 720p while actual computer is 1080p
  12. OakyHefty

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    I disagree because when i played on windows 7 laptop with 3th gen i3 and gt 610m and 8 giga ram didnt had that problem, even with chrome opened,
  13. OakyHefty

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    Hello guys, i have one problem with WOW. Sometimes it crashes in Dalaran or when i take flying path from dalaran. I attached error messages. PC stats: Gtx 1050 Intel i3-8100 SSD HD 8GB ram Windows 10 home Also here is a full message from the top left error window.
  14. OakyHefty

    Blood elves make'd me reroll to alliance

    BELF paladin retri is an ultimate definition of ♋, salt and griefing. On feronis they toxic to.
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