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  1. OakyHefty


    For them it matter that other player is 30-40 less. Gankers are subhumans who only attack players who can't defend themselves otherwise they get owned. They literally run away when they see players who has same level.
  2. OakyHefty


    revenge HAH. that lov lvl player doesent have anything common with guy who ganked him. Gankers are just subhumans who suck at this game and just want boost their e-penis
  3. OakyHefty


    Let me explain it. Ganker are subhumans. They are not normal human beings, they are literally losers and subhumans who are allways mad. They are losers in real life, they can't achieve even things what normal people achieve. They are losers in wow, they with big struggle got into 80 lvl, at 80lvl they suck so hard at both PvP or PvE they didn't manage to get any gear from PvP content or dungeons. Even 75 lvl players bully them in northrend. That's how losers they are. So they go gank players who have at least 20 less levels than then because they can one shoot these without worrying about them having any chance to defend or escape. They do that to release their frustration and raise their e-penis. They don't care about gold, honor and stuff. They are just losers.
  4. Well if you turn off XP for losing. Most of horde players will just wont do BG at all and move to leveling through quests or dungeons. But actually it will be nice to give even more exp for TBC and wotlk lov lvl rdf to encourage more tanks and heals to level throught rdf
  5. OakyHefty

    ASSHOLES List (Alliance)

    And yes and no. Sometimes it's deserved. Sometimes is like some guys just doesent like you and starts votekick and rest just presses "yes" without even knowing why someone votekicks other player.
  6. OakyHefty

    Ninja loot

    That's a normal ninjalooter trick. They just want use your reaction to hit your reputation to make you sound like overreacting crybaby because they want to distract everyone from that they are the ones who are greedy toxic douchebags.
  7. OakyHefty

    Ninja List

    They should learn loot etiquette too. Perhaps these tanks will need guilds sooner or later to progress and that's where you can hit their reputation. If community will see ninjalooting at 5 man's as toxic thing, guilds will be less likely to have representative who ninjaloots on 5man.
  8. OakyHefty

    Ninja loot

    Download Vanakos Put his name on hatelist Kick him everytime he appears on your rhc part Problem solved
  9. OakyHefty

    Ninja List

    First of all there is no reason to queue as both DPS and tank because even if you do that at the end you will allways get tank role. "Anyway, no1 gives a fuck about ninja looting at 5 man dungeons" U are wrong. Actually mamy people care about ninjalooting. First of all all victims of ninjalooters care especially when someone grinded that damn piece for 30+runs(RNG everybody). Second people who care about server prosperity also care about 5man ninjalooters. Server needs high quality, nontoxic community. Every game and private server no matter how gameplay is good and content enjoyable, horribly toxic community can totally ruin experience because of amount of frustration caused by toxic players. Ninjalooting on 5man is toxic because despite of not being officially forbidden, it can be a great source of frustration. We should teach people to respect loot etiquette so experience on dungeon finder won't be unnecessary frustrating because of greedy douchebags. Of course we can just say "why even care about 5 man loot" and do nothing, but it won't lead to good things.
  10. OakyHefty

    Ninja List

    It's all fun and games untill you find out that like 95% of tanks have ninjalooter on ignore or blacklist add-on.
  11. OakyHefty

    Horde please don't be stupid

    Realm PvP = gang.
  12. OakyHefty

    First Ninja of Frosthold

    You are a ninja. And stop lying about second spec. I am for ~97% sure that you will never make a second spec. And that ~97% is not a made out number. I played on fero, agha, old sunwell. After using Vanakos I had very big list of people who stole tank piece and they declared they are making tank offspec. I actually checked every of this player from time to time in armory sometimes I met them again after weeks, months. For over 40-50 people, ONLY ONE(!!!) had legit tank offspec with talents and gear, many of them didn't had even tank spec.
  13. OakyHefty

    Bots allowed?

    Permaban is for bots.
  14. OakyHefty

    First Ninja of Frosthold

    Well ignore also works but my suggestion actually punishes ninjalooter. And imagine if more people will do that. People will learn pretty fast that "Grasp all, lose all"
  15. OakyHefty

    First Ninja of Frosthold

    If you are a tank and you want to deal with nasty dps-es stealing tank gear from you. 1. Download add-on called Vanakos 2. Install it. 3. Add-on provides you with hatelist where you can put whoever you want, and everytime that player will come to your party/raid, add-on will inform you. 4. If some greedy DPS takes tank item from you, you open hatelist, put his name on it in "reason" you write what item he stole(example "Epic shield from malganis" or "Wapach spaulders of solidarity dropped from HoL mob", time when it happened (date and hour). 5. Everytime he appears in your dungeon party then votekick and in "reason" you write his crime with all details. And now he has to wait another 30 minutes for dungeon. 6. Everytime he appears in raid and raid is looking for tank, you can mock this DPS for not having tank spec, or even better, say you could tank if you got gear but "this guy" stole your gear in dungeons.
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